Simply My Swank All Natural Body Care

Simply My Swank – All Natural Body Care.  It is effective, healthy and simple to use!

A bit about me.

Before introductions and before anything.  GOD IS GOOD, HE IS AMAZING.  God is the inspiration behind all of this, the fuel for my passion with Simply My Swank Natural Body Care.  I can’t stop thinking about it, researching it, talking about it and developing the line.  The passion I have comes directly from God and it’s ignited by my desire to help others.  It’s my ministry and I am SO thankful that I am finding myself HERE.

Hi, I am Katie Swank – Owner and Creator of Simply My Swank All Natural Body Care.  Nice to meet you!

I have a inexhaustible desire to help people, to make life better and now I can do it on a mass scale.  Thank you God, thank you so much for this opportunity.

Am I smart enough or qualified enough to talk about this?  You bet!

I am an Acadia University Graduate and I furthered my education in Public Relations at MSVU in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  I have a passion for learning, it’s something I have enjoyed my whole life.  One of my crowning moments was when I made a quantum leap from retail sales to Finance Manager which increased my annual salary from $40k to $150k in a matter of 2 years.

Pretty awesome, eh? “Oh, Canada…”

I am a stay-at -home mom now.  I have been for 5 years and I love every second of raising my 2 babies.  Being a homemaker is more strenuous than any job I had outside the house!  Best of all, it’s way more rewarding too!  I have an awesome, supportive husband who has made quantum leaps of his own and I am so proud to be his wife.  I love that fuzzy guy.  He served our awesome country for 6 years as a US Marine and now works as a PowerLineman.  One of the most dangerous jobs in the world. He is brave, strong & loving, the best dad on the planet and, most important, the love of my life.

We have been through our ups and downs, thankfully, a lot more ups than downs.  We have persevered through it all and continue to be God’s champions everyday.  Our faith in God is our everything and we are so excited to share our Christian beliefs to all that will listen. God is so good.

In the last 5 years of being a stay at home mom, I have mastered some skills that I am really proud of.  I have become a master natural doctor, therapist, chef, maid, carpenter, seamstress, author, researcher, and creative designer.  I am so proud of the amazing skills I have developed.  I am super excited to share my latest creation with all of you!

I am a natural born Entrepreneur.  I create and design things all the time.  Things that work out and become masterpieces.  I am so, so excited about this new chapter in my life.

More about Simply My Swank All Natural Body Care:

What prompted me to create my All Natural Body Care Line was ultimately love.  “and the greatest of these is love”.  I was sick and tired of hearing all the terrible stories of disease, fear and sickness from friends and family.  Breast cancer, stroke, heart attacks, hysterectomy, lung cancer, auto-immune disease, and the list goes on.

1 Corinthians 13:13 

13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

The second thing that prompted me to create this was FRUSTRATION.  And for all those that know me, completely understand that reaction!  haha.  I couldn’t understand WHY!?!? Why are all the products that I use to care and cleanse my body able to last for years and years when the healthy food I eat every day cannot?

Isn’t my skin an important part of my body (the body’s largest organ)? Isn’t my skin as special as my internal organs?  That was a problem that I needed to find the solution to.  Uncovering the solution became a passion.

Last, but not least was effectiveness.  Why continue using something if it doesn’t work, or if it makes things worse.  That’s what was happening to me.  The products I was using didn’t work, in fact, they were making things worse! Deodorant let me down n’ made me stink.  Facial and body washes dried my skin out and make me itchy.  So itchy skin needed moisturizer, but the moisturizers were full of chemicals and preservatives, saturated fats and harmful things that I didn’t want absorbed into my system all day long. All broken, all needed fixin’.

God made us perfect, in His image, so let’s dig deeper and understand how and why our skin works.  Let us embrace a new way to care for each part of our bodies and use the right cleansing tools to promote our health.  Open our hearts and minds and our awareness.  Let’s embrace an awesome way reduce disease and live a Simply My Swank kind of lifestyle!

The solution is a chemical free, completely natural-based, wonderfully designed line of body care that works WITH our systems, balancing and healing it’s natural system and promoting our health, encouraging a stress-free lifestyle, and allowing a natural and beautiful aging process.  Premature aging occurs when we permeate our gorgeous skin with horrid chemicals, preservatives, strip the good stuff, expose it to free radicals and preservatives which damage our body’s God-Given natural and perfectly running systems- in His own image – way of being.

Granted, we are all created and designed different and beautiful in HIS eyes, so the products might not work as efficiently for you as they do for others.  If that is the case I am really sorry, and yet still I am a problem solver.  Please let me know what you like or dislike about the products.  Maybe you don’t like the way they smell, or the way they feel?  Please let me know and I can try to make adjustments for you!

Now let’s talk about the bones of the design.

The most important factor in the creation of my products is that the ingredients in Simply My Swank Natural Body Care allow the natural function of the Lymph system.  The Lymphatic system work hard every day to fight cancer and other diseases that attack our bodies all the time . that are located throughout our skin, with high concentrations in our armpits and all throughout our skin! Thus, the demand for all natural and effective deodorant and skin care.

Simply My Swank skin cleansers are not going to strip your precious skin of it’s naturally occurring amazing oils that promote youthful appearance in your skin.  Sebum is a precious oil attached to every hair follicle in your body.  There are 5x more Sebatious Glands in men than in women!  Crazy!  This may be why men appear to age more gracefully than women.  We need to keep the precious God-given oils in our skin and not strip them like conventional body washes and soaps do!

My cleansers are all natural anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal, naturally occurring deodorizing, and perfectly exfoliating for the freshest, healthiest and most naturally beautiful skin you can have!  There are no chemical preservatives in any of the products, and they will not last for years and years, you’re welcome!

Simply My Swank All Natural Body Care is completely free of Coconut Oil which is very high in Saturated (bad) fat – known by the American Heart Association as a major contributor to heart disease.  Per tablespoon, coconut oil has 12 g of Saturated Fat, Butter has 7 g of Saturated Fat.  When I uncovered that issue, all of my skin care routines went out the window.  Heart Disease is the #1 cause of death in both Men and Women in America.  WOW.

That was an open-my-eyes realization.  Basically everything I had in my skin care routine had some sort of coconut oil in it.  EVEN my vitamins!  Even more wowzers.  I made sure that I excluded any oils that are considered high in Saturated Fat in all of my body care.  Heart Disease runs rapid in my family and I was so shocked when I realized that most of my skin care was designed with Coconut Oil.  I was spreading Raw Organic Coconut all over my body as a moisturizer ever day.

Hello, problem with that?  My Skin is my largest organ, even greater than that it houses my lymphatic system, my sensory receptors, my blood system, my and is the largest endocrine (hormone) gland I have.  It is the body’s largest functioning protector and I was breaking it down (unintentionally) every single day! All of the junk I was putting on my skin everyday was being processed by my precious systems and messing the whole thing up.  How can we be in sync if everything is working overtime and against themselves? Possible?  I think not!  Overtime means working too hard, and breaks down with too much wear and tear.

So I had to discover the solution!  And it’s just so simple.  If your body is not toxic, why treat it so?  If you need oils on your skin in order for it to be protected, why are we stripping the oils and exposing our skin to dryness – which then equals cracking – which then equals infection – which leads to the immune system heating up and working past it’s capacity.  IT all seems so flawed.

Plus, the only reason the chemicals are there is to PRESERVE the product.  SO it can sit on a shelf for years before you buy it, and then years inside your house until the bottle is finished.  Cause that’s money well spent isn’t it?  You gotta finish everything on your plate y’all.  OR you’re wasting your money!


Body Care (in my education) has gotta be fresh, it’s gotta be packed full of vitamins, natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbial anti-aging, fully cleansing, and HEALTHY ingredients.  AND YES, it will go bad after a while, so use it all the time and use it all together, one product leads to the next, and the next and they all work in harmony with each other, not against.  Just like our bodies!  DING! DING!

I created my body care line after doing extensive medical research, consulting with Nutritionists, and Chemists websites and basically “cooking up” the perfect recipes for success.  After trial and error, I have designed a line of awesome products.  They are fresh, they are effective, they will work WITH your skin and not against, and will aid you in making healthy choices for your body care routines!

NOTE – not all bodies are created equal or the same.  If you have adverse reactions to using my products stop use immediately and contact me at 619-987-1431.  We can discuss your reaction and find a potential solution!  All of the products work in conjunction with one another.  IF you do not use all of the body care line then your system is unfortunately out of sync and the effectiveness is squashed to bits n’ pieces.

Romans 8:28 

28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

I believe that this is my LIFE’s Calling.  God gave me the mind and the passion to create this.  NOW, I am commanded to share.  My Ministry, My Passion.

Why is it so inexpensive?  Does that mean the quality of the products are cheap?  Does that mean you cut corners to make a profit?  NOPE.  That is not what it means.  The products are very high quality – the best I could find!  Most of them are organic, all are fresh, and the packaging is simple and environmentally friendly!  AWESOME!

The cosmetic industry is a VERY lucrative industry.  People are millionaires after developing new lines of body care.  I am a very happy and well taken care of stay at home mom.  Our family makes upwards of $250k from my husband’s awesome annual income.  I do not need any money at all.  What I need is to solve a problem, create a solution, make it affordable for EVERYONE and change the way we care for our bodies and make people’s lives healthier!!!

Health and Happiness are best and Simply My Swank supported by making GOOD decisions.  Drinking lots of water and eating a well balanced diet that is full of fresh veggies, fruits and nuts is so important.  Daily exercise is drastically important to the effective functioning of all of our systems.  Nurturing – mental, spiritual, relational and emotional aspects of our lives will allow a healthy and fulfilled life!

Philippians 4:6

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

10% of the proceeds of my Body Care Line will go to our family’s awesome charity The Haiti Foundation Against Poverty.  We support 4 children from Haiti and we appreciate all the support we get from our beautiful customers.  Thank you for allowing our products into your cozy homes.  Thank you for believing in us, for allowing a new way, a new system and a new opportunity to live healthy – Simply My Swank – lifestyles.



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