Day 2 of January Detox

Well day two was a success with proper eating and exercise. Yesterday I weighed 132.6. Now I am down to 131.8. Success! That power drink was super powerful. I had a veggie burger for lunch and an avocado and ham sandwich for dinner. Both very delicious!

I curbed the late night snacking and ate my treats earlier in the day. In my opinion, detoxing doesn’t have to mean extremism. I don’t have to cut out a food group completely. I think that’s why so many people suffer from extreme yo-yo weight gain/loss.

I truly believe that everything in moderation is the key. My equation is healthy meals+balanced exercise=healthy life and healthy weight.

It seems so simple but it isn’t. It’s so hard to not eat after 7. It’s so hard to force myself to exercise everyday. It’s hard to stretch my muscles and sit up straight. It’s just not easy. It used to be! And that’s what even harder about it all!

Before I was married and had my two babies working out was everything to me! I’d get butterflies on my way to the gym. I was an athlete! Not anymore. It’s exhausting to be a stay at home mom. It’s the most difficult & draining job I have ever done.

Yet, it’s my greatest joy. I woke up thinking about how my Princess will be going to school this year. Only 9 more months with her in my presence full time. I want to cry when I think about it. Time passes so quickly now. Precious moments to cherish, enjoy and remember.

So, detox, thank you for reminding me about how important balance is. How important it is to love me, care for me and to stay healthy for so many reasons.

Day 2 was a success. So I encourage you to all Stay strong, Stay fit and Stay encouraged.

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