Morning Prayer for Clarity

Sometimes I wake

Feeling cloudy

My eyes are low

My lips are pouty

My shoulders low

I look outside

The weather reflects

The sad inside.

I forget

To bow and pray

I don’t want to

Not today

It’s so hard

To talk to you

When blurry eyes

Can’t see through

The muck and mire

Of my day

I shrug and huff

And slump away

These blurry eyes

Can only see

The slump I’m in

The mess of me

It’s hard to knock

The funk away

Yet, how simple

To bow and pray.

A tiny whisper

A little word

“Help”, I said

And still He heard

That small request

Lit a fire

He heard my voice

Knew my desire

He said, “I’m here

You’re precious, mine!”

Wipe your eyes

You’ll be fine

Shoulders back

Stand up tall

Get to work

See it all

Stretch your muscles


Perspective is

Staying wise

Get to work

Move around

Staying busy

Don’t you frown

See the distance

Not the slump

Counting blessings

Not the dump

Hug yourself

Trust in Him

He is bright

Among the dim

Knowing He

Will always hear

About each worry

And my fear

Clarity comes

Through any fog

As long as I

Trust in God

He can help

When life is blurry

Ask for Clarity

And don’t worry

How I ask

Cause He will hear

Just don’t wait

Take charge, my dear!

Dear Lord,

Thank you for hearing me. Thank you for knowing my heart and helping even when I just say, “Help!” You are always present and you command us to communicate with you. To simply ask. Thank you for helping me when I feel slumpy. I love you so much. Thank you for clarity through my fog and helping me have desire to work through the fog and see your bright light. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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