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Thank you for your Support!

Every single Ad you click on generates an income for me. Your support is greatly appreciated!  Thank you for reading Simply My Swank!  God bless you as we all try our best to live our best lives for Him!!a6234650-f688-490c-9b15-b6990d5dcd20

7 thoughts on “Thank you for your Support!”

  1. Hi Katie!! Long time! I’m so glad how God has blessed you and your blog. Praise be to Him! I have been struggling to read 3+ months now due to my eyes but getting better slowly. 💪💪God is good!! I’ve missed you!❤❤

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    1. I’ve missed you too. I haven’t been in a regular routine with my blog either. And I think about you every time I sign in.
      I’m sorry your eyes aren’t well. I’ll pray specifically for you and your eyes right now. God is so good and His Mercy is so powerful. Thank you for keeping our friendship strong Vivian. I’m so thankful for you💕
      Big hugs.

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  2. Awww, big big hugs Katie!! How is your knee? Thank you for praying about my eyes…….I was seeing in 2d but emergency cranial work helped that. Eyes still iffy though. Love you!❤💚

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    1. Love you too. You are such a champion Vivian. Stay strong okay? God is so good! In the midst of a storm He is there holding you and He is the greatest comfort.
      I pray that God touches your eyes and you receive healing only He can cure. I pray specifically for you to be relieved of your pain and that you live free and full of peace.
      I am so thankful that we met and I’m thankful that God hears all of our desires and He loves us with His perfect love.
      We don’t see with His eyes but we know He guides our futures. Faith and trust are things we can control. Let’s focus together on healing. Where 2 or more are gathered, He is there!
      My knee is much better, thank you! So, now that I have healed, let’s focus on you my dear friend.

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  3. Bless you my friend! This greatly encourages my heart and soul tonight. Amen and amen!!! God is good to lead us through trials and hold our hands. Yes! Let’s keep healing together. We are stronger together as we uplift and support each other. Much love dearest Katie!

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