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sat on a wall


tried to stall


thought about

all his troubles

and started to pout

the little lies

that he told

all the mess

that they unfold

the feelings that

he hurt that day

with the lies he told

in a terrible way

pointless, weakness,

coward’s talk

the power he lost,

that lonely walk


felt so sad

the lies he told

hurt so bad


was shocked to see

his nose had grown,

how can this be!

Shame and guilt

for all those lies

was printed now,

between his eyes

screen shot 2019-01-29 at 8.27.14 am

That enormous nose,

told all his truth

that terrible nose

was honesty’s proof

He was plagued

by silly lies

His nose had grown

to an embarassing size


tried to hide

Instead of mending,

he fled and tried

to bury his nose

in a big dirt pile

only worked

for a little while

until a tickle

made him sneeze

and all that dirt

flew in the breeze


didn’t like the way

those silly lies

made his big nose stay

so off he went

to see the Doc

to find a cure,

but, to his shock

Doc said, No,

there’s just one thing

those lies you told,

the hurt they bring

you must say sorry

to everyone

that you have hurt,

make lies undone

God can see,

even the tiny ones,

He gave you the nose,

so you can’t run

or hide away

in big dirt piles

that nose will grow

for miles and miles

all the pain

and all the sorrow

builds and grows

with every tomorrow

so stop in your tracks

and begin to amend

you can’t hide, run

and just pretend

that you didn’t say

those mean things

own up to your faults

and that will bring

power, strength, learning,

growth and truth

inside your heart,

make that your proof

people will respect

the things you say

yet words,

they never go away

some might forgive

and want to play

others might be hurt

and stay away

so accept the past,

yet, make it right

and continue on with

all your might

to do good things

with what you tell

lies don’t ever

work out so well


sat and listened

Hokienokie’s tears,

they glistened

He was scared

to tell the truth

He knew that his nose

was the proof

they could see

a mile away

all the lies

his mouth did say

yet, he applied

what Doctor said

and told the truth,

with cheeks so red

each time he admitted

what he had done

the shrinking of

his nose begun

the power of truth

inside his heart

grew courage, strength,

a fresh new start


made a promise that day

that truth would be

all he would say

the strength from truth

will aways be


Great New Legacy.

John 8:32 King James Version (KJV)

32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free

The Bible tells us to tell the truth and it will make us free.  Lies hold us back, make us feel horrible and cause hurt and pain.  Truth is powerful and a commandment from God.

Hokienokie?  This name was born when I read the story of Pinocchio to my daughter.  She couldn’t pronounce his name, and thus, Hokienokie and his story became one of our favorites.  I love my daughter’s new words, her imagination and I never want to forget Hokienokie.  So, today I made him a part of history, something that will never be forgotten.  I love writing, I love that you are reading, it makes my heart feel so happy.  Rhymes are happy, they are like a written song with perfect timing.  Music is a powerful thing, and that is why I love rhyming.

I hope that you enjoyed the story, loved the lesson and will apply the truth just like God commands us.  Thank you for reading, for your support and for sharing my rhymes.  We never know who needs to read about the power of God and what the Christian life allows.

God is good all the time.  Have a blessed and truth filled day!

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