Christian Mom

Just Wait.

Solomon’s Prayer of Dedication
45may You hear from heaven their prayer and their plea, and may You uphold their cause. 46When they sin against You— for there is no one who does not sin— and You become angry with them and deliver themto an enemy who takes them as captives to his ownland, whether far or near, 47and when they come to their senses in the land to which they were taken, and they repent and plead with You in the land of their captors, saying, ‘We have sinned and done wrong; we have acted wickedly,’…


An irritated turn

a flick of the wrist

Yes, I hear you knocking

I hear your request.

Yet, I am still playing

I get it, You know best

Yet, I am still having

such fun

all my sin

I know you are knocking

Yet, still I do grin

and wallow out here

on this beautiful field

of sinful stalling

of one more day here.

I know that forgiveness

is waiting for me

I know that all the things

I have done are wiped clean

So, I’ll just stay here

for one more day, Dear.


I’ll let you know

when you can come stay

in my heart, when I’m ready

But, I still want to play

’cause this is so fun

my sinful greed grin

Look at everything I have here

See? where do I begin

I have logic inside

it is smarter than you

When I’m bored of all this

I can turn back to you.

Your promises are great

and I’ll show you one day

that I believe in you, God,

and all that you say

But, look what sin gave me

look at this, that and them

look at what I’ve been given

this isn’t so grim.


Tomorrow is just a moment

So, let me be here

let me fill up this cup

I don’t really fear.


I’m smarter than those

that live humble lives

and give unto others

They bought all those lies

This temporary time

should be lived full of fun

Money is everything

Look at all I have won.


I’ll give you my heart

and my soul, just you wait,

Just a couple more days

Maybe I’ll set a set date?


Then I casually shrug

and forget all this talk

the promises I made you

as I casually walk

down this path of Destruction

of greed, power and lust

I don’t need you at all

I forget that I must

give it to you,

I forget that sad day

and now I am troubled

cause I didn’t get one more day!


The end came much quicker

than my money could buy

Oh, if I had one more chance

I’d shake that “smart” guy

and scream in his face

why can’t you just see?

Each day is a gift

given to you and to me

that chance was forgiveness

and escape from what’s here

words can’t express

this level of fear


This second is yours

if you learn from my past

I beg of you now

make a choice that will last

save yourself from this treachery

it’s not worth the seconds there

to spend all of eternity



Just wait?

now I’m eternally

forever too late.


fire orange emergency burning
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