D62839D9-ECF1-4A61-BFF5-E2A513B14105Butterfly Lessons for life:

There once were two boys who found two butterfly cocoons in their back yard. Both excited, they brought their mother to where they found them.
The mom, very wise, told her boys to help one of the butterflies come out of the cocoon. “See what happens.” she said.
What they found was weak and quite ugly.
The boys looked to the other cocoon, she told them, “leave that one”. Let’s see what happens when we don’t help.
The butterfly emerged from the cocoon beautiful, strong and eager to take on the world. Spreading it’s beautiful wings it flew away. The boys watched in awe and wonder.

The struggles endured by the second butterfly allowed it to grow, become healthy and strong and capable of achieving its true form.

What a great life lesson for us. God allows us struggles so we can overcome, become beautiful, stronger and our true form. Remember when you are struggling to look for “the butterflies” in life.

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