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Next Level Love


Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 9.51.23 AMHere I rise

next level love

I see brand new

hands raised above

my heart is full

a new woman today

I can’t go back

I lost the way



tapping in

God is here



Within my heart

Power lies

Within my mind

strength abides


new walls

shielded by

Holy Spirit

gracious Guide


weakness dropped

me to my knee

yet I arose

He heard my plea


brand new mind

branded with HIS TOOLS

look at me

I learned the rules


God’s will is joy

filled my heart

now I will share

this brand new start


within my pause

of faith unfelt

he give me sight

a new hand dealt


here is the answer

that you seek

stay humble

stay meek


give to HIM

what you can’t control

and He will make you

again, feel whole

Feel the rush

that true strength brings

submit to HIM

all earthly things


growth becomes

a brand new me

never look back

all I feel

is God within

how can I

ever begin

to say how much

I changed inside

I can’t hold back

I can’t hide

I have to express

I have to write

share the gift

He gave me

so that everyone

can learn and see

level up?

Cause HE leveled me


As Christians we are compelled to share the love of God, the security we have in Christ so that others might enjoy this new hope.

I have a new relationship with God.  I am so happy now that I want to shout and share with everyone I meet!  This is the answer you all are looking for!

If you are having hard days, feeling down in the dumps, wandering with no path, look to God.  His love can fill your heart where there was once sadness and loneliness.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that who ever believes in Him will have eternal life.  

John 3:16

My daughter just recovered from a solid week of high fever.  This entire week has been spent praying and nurturing.  My sleepless nights in conversation with God were filled with worry.  Worry turned to faith, faith turned to strength and strength turned to a new level of love.  My love for God, for me, for my husband and for my family.  I learned to appreciate so many things.

Life sometimes becomes mundane, a groundhog effect can really dampen a sense of passion. Passion fuels desire.  I started feeling spiritually empty, lost my purpose and I prayed that God would jumpstart my relationship with Him.

All my life I have struggled with control.  Control is married with other not so fun words like jealousy, anger, disappointment and struggle – adrenaline addiction, panic attacks, eating disorders and emotional, mental and spiritual depression.

My mind dialogue tortured me.  I had no idea that something I struggled with actually could be the key to my spiritual survival.  I learned to control my thoughts by filling my sin filled mind conversation with communication with God.

I had a breakthrough the other day when I listened to my thoughts.  I really didn’t like what I was thinking.  I was stuck in depression.  I needed a change, so I prayed.  After my prayer I had a breakthrough.  I saw my thoughts as a thing not an inanimate.  If I could make the thoughts something I could organize, then I could control them.

Sin rules the world and the greatest tool that Satan has is in our minds.  He is the great deceiver.  I was unintentionally giving him my control by letting the thoughts be real, not just Satan’s tools.  I took back control and gave no weight to the thoughts in my mind.  They were all lies.  I wasn’t thinking about real things, I was thinking “what ifs”.

Are these thoughts familiar?  Can you relate?

What if he hurts me again – what do I do?

What if my daughter’s fever gets worse?

What if this is someone else’s fault.

What if I don’t deserve this, I deserve better.

What if I am alone, this is too hard, I can’t do this.

What if I don’t sleep again, will I be able to care for my children like I need to?

What if I didn’t make that huge mistake in my past, would I be suffering now?

What if this is this because I am a bad person?

What if God is punishing me?

Romans 12:2

Do not conform to the pattern of this world,

but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is

—his good, pleasing and perfect will.


The relentless torture of the female mind is exhausting.  The second I starting changing my thoughts into picture tools I realized I could organize them and put them away.  They were things now.  They are not actually happening, they are things that I could control.

I shush my mind.  I tell Satan I know his tricks now.  I get the rules of the game.  I can have my mind back whenever I take time to pray, give the things to God, ask for HIS strength, renew the power of the Holy Spirit within me, raise my hands as fists and say NO!  NO, you have NO POWER HERE.  I am a child of the ONE TRUE KING.  You will obey the command of God within me when I say, “STOP!”

The tools we need are all around us, prayer, worship music, scripture, Christian friends, family and our church to name just a few.

Yeah, but my mind plays tricks on me all the time. Like when I’m just emptying the dishwasher. I can’t stop all the time and interrupt my chores to use those tools. Here’s the solution: simply grasp your hands together interlocking your fingers in powerful prayer stance.  That movement alone makes you strong.  You can do that every time you feel like your mind is out of control.

That powerful movement will make the thought a thing. Then all you have to do is say STOP.  God is here, not you.  See the thought, diminish the power and rise above.  In fact. Here’s a great idea, let’s make the thought an imaginary step.

Make it a step, stand on it, rise above

and know you are closer to God and HIS eternal love.

I am so fulfilled by this next level love.  My passion to do God’s will is overwhelming.  I will share my blessings no matter what what.  I have learned to love instead of hate.  To trust in God’s plan, not my own.  Worry is control, and giving worry to God allows me to respect His power.

Only he knows the future.  Only He can see the plan.  I have no control other than the ability to LOVE him, Honor him, Trust Him with the most amazing sense of passion I have ever felt in my life.  My passion for the Lord is the best fuel I have ever had.  Learning new ways to love him improves the quality of life here on earth and gets me closer to a reality of eternal life with Him.

Thank you God for the bumps and the bruises.  For the moments you make me fall on my knees in weakness because I rise as a new woman.  A much stronger Christian with a new passion for you.  I have leveled up once again and I raise my hands like I have won another race.  The battle was hard but I have succeeded in knowing that you are my KING.  Praise your name!  Praise the King of Kings.



2 thoughts on “Next Level Love”

  1. I was just thinking of you today my friend!! I will pray for you and your daughter! Praise God for giving us His Spirit of peace when our lives seem out of control. Hugs!💚🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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