Temple Goals – Is 10 Minutes Enough?

Heck yeah, I’ll start the day with SKILLET.

I am so excited about my Temple Goal.  I can do the 10 minutes every morning.  I make my coffee, and get ‘er done.  It’s the best way to start my day.

I have been checking my stats on WordPress and I can see a bunch of you guys are doing it with me!  Super exciting to see that the videos are helping you too!

I started thinking about the 10 minutes.  Yeah, it’s achievable, but is it sufficient?  I mean, my body is telling me that it is, because I’m super sore and I see abs forming and a toned body where once there was flab.  I just wanted to make sure that it’s enough to sustain the health of my heart.

SO, a quick google search told me YES.  Thank goodness…phew.


According to the researchers at work for the Globally recognized & accredited Mecca Oprah International Magazine states that 10 minutes of intense exercise is all we need to thrive in a healthy and fit lifestyle. How exciting is that for Simply My Swank Temple Goals! Get results with these quick 10 minute videos!

I was studying all my awe inspiring material yesterday on our skin & body and how it works – remember?  My awesome skincare line?  WOOOOOOO!  Simply My Swank All Natural Body Care.

A super important note I need to share with you, as I was reading all my research on our lymphatic system yesterday, is that the lymph – or white blood cell champion disease and sickness fighters – have no musculature in their walls like veins do.  That means the only way you can get your lymph to be effective is to BE ACTIVE.  We have to keep moving!

Remember, your lymph nodes are concentrated in your armpits – so close to your breast tissue, this goes for you dudes too.  So please!!!!  PLEASE! stop putting traditional-chemical filled and horrid cancer causing deodorant in your precious armpits.  I BEG YOU!  Start caring for your body and stop harming it.  I have designed a perfect deodorant that is ALL natural with Aloe, Honey and Baking Soda.  It won’t hurt you, people rave about how awesome it smells, and how effective it is.  Message me if you want some.

So, get up off your tushies and click on one of those videos. Let’s champion today, conquer sloth and work towards our Temple Goals!  God is so good, all the time!


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