The Seed

I thought last night,

with all my might

I will stop,

I won’t write.

I won’t rhyme

I will break

I need to stop

I need to take

time for me

that site can rest

but God put me

to the test.


This thought was put

into my head.

You need to write

get out of bed.


Some will read,

and sneer and say

She’s so annoying

look at her say

That she’s so happy

She’s so blessed

She loves God

and they jest

They poke fun

at Christian life

They scoff and guard

love their strife


YET, I get excited

that you feel

the way you do

‘Cause it is real

I planted a seed

don’t you see?

and that seed will grow

One day you’ll need

answers to

Something Big

Life is messy

you need to dig

Out of your hole

you dug yourself

When you said

I’ll do it myself.


You weren’t designed

to be that way

That’s an empty hole

you need to pray.


BUT, don’t believe now

NO, don’t do as I say!

You do like yours!

until that day,

That something puts you

right on your back

You have no answers

Cause logic will lack

only feelings will fill

That smarty-pants head

Jesus will come knocking

give comfort to dread.


One day you’ll see

the seed that I dropped

The same one you scoffed at

the one you said flopped

Will grow to a flower

that fills you with love

and you will be thankful

Look up above

give God your heart

Change your tomorrow

enjoy a fresh start.


So, my dear reader,

If you don’t believe

and if you are scoffing

I smile, reprieve

Cause I caused a feel

inside of your heart

Something that mattered

and now it will start

No matter how much

you cling to control

You can’t deny

the whisper of soul

It’s gently calling

and you can’t control

The way you were made

God designed us like Him

no matter how cold

no matter how dim

You claim your exterior

just has to be,

Inside you are longing

and one day you’ll see…


I promise one day

a choice you will make

and I pray that your choice

is one that will take

You up to heaven

and I’ll see you one day

I’ll give you a hug

and maybe you’ll say

Thanks for the seed

Thanks for the rhyme

Thanks for listening

Thanks for all time.

Dear Reader, I love you, and God loves you too.  I pray that if you scoff at me, at Christians and at the love of Jesus that you never forget this rhyme and how angry it made you.  The pendulum swing of angry is happy.   I pray that it makes you feel something so much that it burns a message in your mind, one you will remember one day when you need it most.

I pray that you are fortunate enough to feel a moment only Salvation can answer.  I pray one day that I get to meet you in Heaven and we get to enjoy peace that surpasses all understanding.

I pray.

I love you so much Dear Lord, Thank you God, for getting me out of bed today with this thought.  Thank you for telling me to stay strong, to follow your will and to obey no matter what.  I pray that this message is read by those that need it most.  I pray that you burn a feeling so deep in their minds that one day it gives them the answer to something powerful.  I pray that you allow these rhymes to be a seed that allows someone the ticket to Heaven and your eternal love and mercy.  Thank you so much for Salvation and for loving us, even when we have spent our whole lives not loving you.  Thank you for making it so easy, just a prayer, just a choice, to love you and ask for forgiveness and Salvation – In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Luke 13: 18-19

18 Then Jesus asked, “What is the kingdom of God like? What shall I compare it to? 19 It is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his garden. It grew and became a tree, and the birds perched in its branches.”


    • I agree. Well said! We won’t know who we have blessed till we get there, and what a wonderful thing to look forward to. 💕 Thanks for adding such beautiful words!


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