Y’all, my son was hollering out the days of the week to us while we were driving.  It went a little something like this…











That made me think…

When God created the earth he labeled the days with numbers.  On the sixth day he made us!  How cool. Happy day we were created everyone. N’ why isn’t this just sixday?

Or sexday.

Got me thinkin’ more y’all. How about this? Couldn’t our Temple Challenge be to love on your husband and or wife?!  That burns so many awesome calories, heals the body and releases it’s own sort of endorphins, right?! It’s the best gift you got on your wedding day, isn’t it. God made us and then let us go at it. Per se…

Keep sex healthy, positive and exactly the way God designed it.

E9CB0EE2-55FF-4281-A532-C9A4BA17A887Love on your spouse like there is no tomorrow. That’s my suggestion to you. Keep your relationship strong and healthy and Give God the glory for blessing us with the best gift ever. Thank you God for healthy, beautiful and wonderful sex. Thank you for the result of sex, our gorgeous champions. Thank you for making sex a great topic of conversation instead of something naughty and wrong.

Thank you for blessing me with beautiful children and a great partner in my bed. Thank you for my husband.

And all you married folk say!!! AMEN!!!


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