Pointing Fingers

Mark 12:30-31

 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. 

The second is this: Love your neighbor as yourself.

There is no commandment greater than these.

Pointing fingers

left and right

him and her

anyone in sight

them and they

and all around

you point your finger

up and down

judging, chiming

this and that

you’re not good

you’re skinny, you’re fat


I’m better than you

you’re less than me

look what you do

see what I see


You view the world

an empty glass

full of judgement

stupid lass

You don’t see the pain

that you express

all full of air

the stuff you pass

from bottom scraping

meaningless mind

all tied up

in a sinful bind


You look and see

such horrible things

It’s a reflection of self

that judgement brings


A big lonely hole

for you to live

all covered in doo

nothing to give

you pull yourself down

into that hole

not thinking about

what others tole


what their life

was like to live

what they had

to finally forgive

what they suffer


yet, that finger

points to pay


I wouldn’t do it

like that, see?

I wouldn’t say that

look at me!

I’m so perfect,

if I don’t say!

…and so those words

drift their way

they drop like rain

the painful kind

washing away

joy in their mind


So full of air

’till once you pop

and you fall flat

you belly flop

all around you

corpses lie

left for dead

you criticized

you cut them up

with your voice

nasty words

that was your choice


Instead of seeing

your own reflection

you lived a life

full of rejection

You can’t take back

the pain you caused

words cut deep

with no applause

You loved that stage

made just for you

standing tall

“do as I do”

and so, your words

cut them all down

critical finger

mowed thorn’s crown.


The Bible tells us

not to judge

speak with kindness

don’t hold a grudge

Others live

individual lives

Please remember

to empathize

and point that finger

only at you

a gentle guide

that’s what’s true


Read what’s true

follow close

God’s Great Book

matter’s most!


Within the pages

lies the key

to be the best

and speak kindly

work the judgement

as great control

not on others

it’s not your role


Just view you

constantly progress

Humble self

life’s simply blessed.


man in brown long sleeved button up shirt standing while using gray laptop computer on brown wooden table beside woman in gray long sleeved shirt sitting
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

How often have you felt like the things you do are constantly under a judgmental eye, harsh words or a forked tongue.  Do you live like you are never doing anything right?  Do you feel constantly cut down by people around you?  Do you feel like each day is darker than the one before?

Or are you that person who plows down everyone in their path with negative observations of their life, how they could have done it better, or how you would have done it differently.

Are you exhausted?  You must be.  Do you know this?  Passing judgement is not our role.  It’s only up to GOD to judge people.  You must be tired cause you are trying to accomplish a Godly task, which is impossible.

What we can do is pray for people that we think may need help.  We can give to God what burdens we have and let Him do his work.  The creator of the universe, imagine that?  Letting Him do the work.

Negative words travel in a powerful way.  Think about all the times you have randomly thought of someone and suddenly they call you out of the blue?  Or thought of someone that you haven’t seen in ages and run into them at the post office?  Do you think those are random acts? Or maybe we are connected on a spiritual level?  We are all one in Christ.  Our spirits are connected and thus, sending out all that negativity can absolutely drag them down.

Christians, people, I think we should work as a team – teamwork makes the dream work! We should encourage instead of cut down, find a positive thing to say in response to a negative, encourage negative people to change their ways.  Snap out of the habit of negative focus and try lifting those that need help up, instead of pushing them farther down.  The only one you should talk to about this is GOD -> only He has the power to hear your concern and filter out the doo-doo and assist both YOU and the concerned party.

Love your neighbor as yourself.  And if you don’t love yourself then talk to God about that too.  That might be the only issue in the first place.  God is good, all the time, and all my people say?

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