Are You Actively Teaching Commitment?




I’ll try,




pass you by.













wasting away,



pathetic way.


Living life

with these tools

will never get you

Heaven’s jewels.

You have to live

fully committed

this current life

is so diluted

Everyone around

is a “maybe” sayer

No commitment

a cheater, player.


I think it’s sad

to see today

people wasting

washing away

into the stream

of internet feed

melting into

a mass of greed

devouring instant’s


escaping life.

Devil’s temptation.


Learn your lessons

do what’s right

work really hard

Heaven’s plight.


You gotta snap

out of that funk

turn from sinful

wasteful junk

Get off that media

melting your mind

read a book

look and find

a useful tool

to help someone

Commit to health

and have some fun


Make some plans

and be there early

be a faithful,

steadfast girlie


And as a man

always commit

to being strong,

true and legit!


Don’t be a flake

a joke, lame friend

be the best

someone to depend

on when your needed

be ready

be steady

be strong


to this world

in a different way

You need to be better

or else you’ll pay

‘Cause life will pass

in a blink of an eye

you’ll regret

not being the guy

That helped out others

in time of need

or turned away

from your internet feed.

‘Cause all it’s teaching

is sloth’s deceit

robbing your life

of what is sweet

What God’ created

what He designed

for us to look at

with a healthy mind



to what is right

will leave you empty

super light

wasting away

into the abyss

no impact, no legacy

a life dismissed.


Be so strong

and say “I will.”

be much better

a cup that’s full

Actively Teach

when they are empty

be the difference

a life of plenty!


I was chatting with my daughter the other day, having a teaching moment.  I asked her if she understood and could do what we discussed, response was, “I’ll try!”

Got me thinking.  I’ll try, eh?!  Not, I will?

No, No, No.  “I’ll try,” gives you an excuse.  “I will,” says yes.  “I’ll try,” means maybe.

Have you ever been invited to go somewhere or do something and you respond with I’ll try?  When you tell someone that you will try to be there, it gives you a way out.  You are going to try, but you probably won’t.  You are offering nothing.

When you say, “I will” – that is a promise.  How many of us are scared of promises.  How many of us are not leading Godly examples by living non-committal.

Dear God, I’ll try not to do that thing again, but I probably will.

OR Dear God, I will never do that again.  I will promise to be better and not commit that horrible sin again.  I know I was wrong and I am sorry.

The same example can be applied to friends and family as HE commanded us right?!  Love your neighbor.  Commit to people.  Make them feel safe and special by being there when they want you around and when they need you.

This MAYBE society that we all live in now is simply pathetic.  Maybe, if, try, later, ignore.  It is not a special feeling.  It is not a fun place to live.

What that maybe society breeds is no commitment and it’s scary, sad and lonely.

I have been taught by example that the best friend is the one who is always there when you invite them, helping you celebrate, being there when you are in need, committing to you as a friend.  Faithful in times of joy and in times of sadness.  The best of friends and the best of family are the ones who are there.  No matter what.  Who say “I will,” not “I’ll try.”

Presence is the most amazing present you can ever give someone.  Let’s be present with God, present with ourselves and present with others today.  Let’s shine God’s light by engaging and committing ourselves to others.  Ultimately, this society makes it so easy to stand out now.  All you have to do is put down your phone.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and spirit.  AMEN!

1 John 4:20

Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen.

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