How to Maintain Beautiful Eyes

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 6.12.38 AMGood morning everyone.  I love sharing how our bodies work and how to maintain health and beauty in a very natural way.

UPDATE: on Simply My Swank Body Care.  More and more people are falling in love with my Deodorant and Primer.  It’s so exciting to hear because I know I am providing health and happiness to some very special people.  Educating people on how our bodies work and how to maintain our health is my primary focus and mission by God.  I know that with HIS fuel, Simply My Swank will change the body health of everyone that jumps on board.  God is so good!

Lately, I have been focused on my eyes.  I was gardening last week and a pebble jumped up and smashed me in the eye.  OUCH!  It left a bump on my eye and I got so worried.

I started intensive research on how to care for my eye health.  I wanted to know how I could care for my eye in a natural way.  I noticed my eye was really red and dry – so what did I need to keep it safe and moisturized.  Organic Castor Oil was the answer.  It’s thick natural gooiness felt awesome on my sad and sick eye.

Low and behold!  My eyelashes started looking thicker too.  And LONGER.  Praise!  I added a drop of Chamomile Oil and Lavender Oil to a mixture and now my lashes are super healthy and full.  Praise!  Natural is factual.

Next, I focused my actual eyeballs, do you know much about them?  Have you ever thought, man that person has such beautiful big eyes?  I have been thinking about that lately.

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 9.25.26 AM

Here is what got my pot stirrin’.  One day, long ago & far away, my friend and I helped a fighter lose weight for his match.  He had a lot to lose, and went through drastic measures to get there.  We spent hours with him in a sauna with a sauna suit on.  At his crowning achievement of total weight loss, he dehydrated himself to a super dangerous level.  The thing I noticed most were his eyes.  They had turned into tiny little peas.  It was kinda scary.

How much of our eye is composed of water?  A click of a google search and you will find out that just as I suspected from the above sauna experience – our eyes are made up of 99% water.  Thus, the logical conclusion to having our max eye size is to drink water.  Sound Simple?  Sandly, sometimes, some of us struggle, (too many s’s?) However, when it comes to drinking the recommended amount of water each day.  It’s sad and true.  We just don’t drink enough!

The recommended amount is 8 glasses of water per day.  Notice how pregnant women look amazing – lush gorgeous hair, beautiful full lips, gorgeous clear and full eyes and most of the time, very clear skin.  Pregnant women are so conscious of taking their prenatal vitamins, eating healthy and drinking enough water to keep their babies healthy that they reap the benefits of full hydration.

Drinking enough water helps balance our hormones, too.  There are so many benefits that I could really get off the eye topic…so, I won’t.  But seriously…drink your water.

Remember, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  A quick tip, next time someone tells you that you look beautiful, say thank you.  No matter what you feel you look like, they see their truth, so don’t take it away from them with your silly insecurities.  Bask in the love that they feel for you, the beauty that they see.  Don’t take away their joy by saying anything negative back to them – because that downsizes their love and their own opinion.  Say thank you and be sweet.

Humility can come in other places, not in the opinion of others and the positive things they see in you.  If you receive a compliment in any form, please just say thank you.

God is so good.  He brings joy in all shapes, sizes, forms, colors AND activities.  Bask in the joy AND the beauty that surrounds you.  Go watch the sunset tonight, rejoice in the the beauty of your day, praise His Holy Name because you are FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE.  And all God’s people say – AMEN!

Psalm 139:14

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 9.10.39 AM.png

Anything done that is rushed is not worth doing, natural and healthy progression is my motto…Simply My Swank will grow, it will heal, it will change the world.  I promise you.

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