Simply Swank Secrets for Six Pack Stomach

I struggle.  I have so many struggles when it comes to my fitness.  It is a very heavy mental game that plays in my head.

Before having children I went to the gym and loved every single minute of my fierce workouts, I had complete control for at least one hour of my day and it was awesome.  I would get butterflies in my stomach as I drove myself to the gym in the mornings.

Now, being a stay at home mom, life is much different.  I have new responsibilities, very little me time and it’s hard.  I have options, I know I do, I struggle with accepting them.

ANYWAY, (I just hurtled myself off that petty pity pot y’all). God gives me strength.  Half the battle is just seeing myself write that I struggle, then my champion warrior Swankified (sanctified) self smashes down the stupid and now I’m me again…phew, that defeated thought process was exhausting.

I want to talk about abs and babies.  I have 2 kids, as you probably already know.  My first was born – emergency c-section.  There was no pain during the surgery, it was pretty scary, but no pain.  The only pain – and this is the most pain I have ever experienced – was the day after surgery when the nurse told me I had to stand up.  I thought – how hard can that be? Mind you, I’m drugged up on some serious pain killers.  Anywho, I stood up and had no idea what I was in for.  That breath-taking, star-seeing, take-me- home-God kinda pain is one that I pray I will never have to feel again.

PTSD has a way of coping.  It taught me (sadly) that hunching over while I walked made me a lot more comfortable as I recovered from the surgery.  I haven’t been able to walk normal since.  My mind still tells me there is pain – it’s phantom.

So, Slouchy Magee Me, walks around like someone stole my cat.  I don’t have a cat, and I don’t have pain.  I’m trying my dangdest to teach myself to throw my shoulders back like the champion I am and stand up straight – for God.  I can’t present myself as defeated, because I WON the day I asked Jesus to save me from my sins.  Duh.  I’m a champion for God.

Again folks, got my mind thinking.  My abs have suffered the loss of this slouch.  They are not longer engaged when I stand, walk, carry, live…PLUS, I’m teaching my muscles to live in that sad state, making my bones move into a very unattractive new place and I might create a permanent new structure of my body.  YIKES!  I want to run away from that sentence I just wrote!

If I make a conscious effort to stand straight and tall for Jesus, get my abs engaged and steady, I can produce some muscles just by standing.  Ever heard of Bruce Lee?  His very fit body was achieved by engaging his muscles in very conscious movements.  He very rarely lifted weights.  If you harden your abs while you walk, push your shoulders back when you stand, it is very difficult to slouch and look sad and insecure.  You look like the captain of the ship.  People will start noticing you.

Being noticed for being strong is way better than being noticed for being a slouch.  Slouch is sloppy and not intentional.  A straight and strong back is fit and powerful.  I choose that.  One of the most inspirational women I know when it comes to fitness is my daughter’s tumbling coach Miss Jen.  I have never seen that lady slouch in my life, always a beautiful posture and a gorgeous smile on her face.  I was so happy to see her one day at our church and thought to myself – of course she is a Christian.  My heart flipped.  That’s who is influencing my daughter to be a champion.  Score!Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 8.48.32 AM

So, here is the secret to six pack abs:  let’s do this challenge together, stay straight at tall throughout your day, keep your shoulders back and engaged, tighten your tummy, lift your chin and view life through the lens of someone saved, someone with a life that is changed, a person willing to be different, to be stronger because HE defeated the grave for everyone, a branded person full of joy and full of the Good Story.  When people ask why you are so strong, don’t be afraid to say, “because Jesus gives me strength!” Amen!

All in all, everyone want gorgeous abs, click on this pic to get to a great ab/booty workout!

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 1.54.32 PM


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