The Delusion of Sleep – Grinding Teeth & A Simply My Swank Solution.

Oh sleep,

I love you so

Oh sleep,

why did you go?

Oh sleep,

I look for you

oh sleep,

what do I do?

I get to thinking

finding solutions

I won’t rest

in absolution

Is that why

I cannot sleep?

because the passion

Robs me of deep

and wonderful, peaceful,

Godly rest?

Is my insane and

incessant quest?

To be a champ

to be the best?

Making me fall

in the same hole?

Now sleep has become

my utmost goal?

Because I can’t sleep

I can’t sleep, am I right?

Like a dog circling ’round

stop fighting the fight

Grinding my teeth

and clinching my jaw

The pain from all that

is making me raw

New pain is finding

a place to call home

Now I can’t sleep

and I lay alone

the only one here

That cannot find rest

and here I thought

that I was the best.

The others are snoozing

all cuddled up warm

and I toss and turn

causing a storm

I laugh at the thought

of conquering sleep

Insanity speaks

with vanity’s peep

oh sleep

how I love you

oh sleep

what do I do?


turn off!


sleep scoffs


lay down


rest your crown




Don’t tax

and tole

Don’t find

and look…

just Simply unwind.

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 8.11.22 AM

Sleep.  Man, I love sleep.  It’s so true that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.  It’s so true.  I have been analyzing my struggle with this illusive friend for the last 6 months. I realized one morning that my teeth were super sore, then I felt the back of my teeth, not something I do on a regular basis, and shockingly found that my front 2 teeth were super thin in the back!

Yikes, what am I doing at night?  What kind of looney bin grinds their teeth down to nothing!?  I remember my dentist telling me that I had some grinding issues and that he wanted to make me a 3 million dollar, custom-fitted, gold plated, diamond-set mouthguard.  I mean really, how else do you get to an item+price = $ value for a dentist produced mouthguard?

So, I knew there had to be a Simply My Swank solution.  I started doing some research.  I knew from previous purchases that I hated wearing mouthguard at night because they are so HUGE in my mouth that I cannot even close my lips around them.  And isn’t that perpetuating my problem, if my mouth is uncomfortable then I’m not solving any of my sleep issues.

But that’s not my Simply My Swank solution – you gotta go one step further after you mold the mouthguard.  After I boiled it and put it in my mouth, I looked like a cat, my mouth all puffed out right under my nose, there was too much material for me.  All it need the guard to do is keep my teeth apart and not fall out while I’m sleeping.

So, I took a pair of really sharp scissors and trimmed the guard all around the frame of my teeth.  The guard is tough, so trimming was tricky but I managed to trim the front and back of the mold.

After trimming the guard down, it looked just like a mold I would have purchased from a dentist.  The low profile was exactly what I needed and I didn’t have to pay 3 million dollars – nope folks, I Simply My Swank paid less than $15 – but not for ONE folks, I got 5!  Score.  Pat on Back


It really “boils down to this” (punny ya’ll).  I am responsible for this life – God blessed me with it and if there are things that I need to do to live it more abundantly – then I need to to that.  I am required by His command to care for this temple – the temple of the Holy Spirit.  If I’m not sleeping – I’m not living.  If my teeth are being destroyed by grinding then I need to solve the problem – in the best way possible.  And blessing and praise, I found a solution.

And now I had to share my journey with you, cause Simply, that’s what I am led to do.

James 4:17

17 If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.

As always, I love adding music to my life – the life song – rhyming my way through life.


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