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Timing is Everything

Ecclesiastes 3:1 

There is a time for everything,

and a season for every activity under the heavens:


No time

Can’t go

Maybe later

No show

Friends expect

To see you there

Let them down

You don’t care

Shrug shoulders

Don’t commit

Live for you

You forget

You build a life


Seeking only

Reward for me


You have no bridge

For when you fall

No connection

Only walls

And fall you did,

Right on your face,

With such weight

You can’t displace

You look around

Walls feel so cold

Crying now

No one to hold.


You’re alone

Lost in self

A lonely book

Left on a shelf

Forgotten by

The ones who cared

Because you pushed

You never shared


Now it’s time

You cry and say

“I am here.”

Please, come my way

Please commit

I need you here

Please someone

Yet, in fear

You realize

That you taught


How they ought

To keep you out

At arms length

Alone you feel

Losing strength


Memories flood

Your loneliness

Hands are clasped

You address

A memory

It’s foggy, yet

You start to see

Your eyes are wet

Start to feel

Something inside

He replies

You can’t hide


I. AM. here.


Tears are pouring

Down my face

I’m so sorry

Feel your Grace

I pushed away

When I heard

You say, “hello

I heard that word

But I wasn’t ready

To hear Your call

And now I’m alone

You saw me fall

I pushed away


My life’s become

So undone


I stumbled down

A sinful road

It was so tempting

Yet, now the load

I carry on my back

It weighs

So much now

The pain it stays

In a place

So all I feel

Is emptiness

I spin and reel

Around inside

My own sin storm

And all I see are

Walls I formed

All around

I am trapped inside

Help! I cry

I cannot hide

‘Cause in that breath

The hands of one

Who conquered death

Lifts me up

Takes away the weight

I feel so different

I’m standing straight


I look around

The walls are gone

I’m alone

Yet, not, the dawn

Is rising now

The sun renews

I see clearly

And I know whose

I belong

I’m not alone

I commit

I was shone

A love beyond

A feel or touch

A soul-felt match

That now gives such

Meaning to life

Now that I know

That Jesus saves

Inside I grow

A brand new me

Cause time obeys

Only GOD

And HE saves

He was there

And now he stays

In a place

not just for me

Cause now I share

For eternity

The story of a sad

Lonely girl, lost

She was, yet

On the cross

He died and rose

And showed me the way

so now my life’s

become a play

That I star in

With values new


Of life renewed

You’re NEVER alone

When JESUS lives!

Inside your heart

And HE forgives

And gives you REASON

To go on

Beauty surrounds

‘Cause you belong


Jesus love you


For the Bible

Told me so

That past was there

To bring you here

His grace absorbed

All the fear


And now each moment

That I get

A second chance

My light is lit

And I won’t hide

Behind a wall

‘Cause I found purpose

This is my call

To share with others

So that they know

That he is waiting

And he will show

Himself to you

When you ask

When you are found

Behind your mask


I pray your time

Of salvation is now

All you have to do

Is humbly bow

Your head and say

Help! HE knows

And he will come

And cast some blows

To the past that holds

You back

And fill the void

That you lacked

Then you say

I’m sorry, please

Save me Jesus

On your knees

I’m ready to live

A different way

Please forgive me

I’m ready, today


Because you said

The help me prayer

Now you are saved

Find those that care

The same for God

The way you do

And they will help

With Christian glue

Put new pieces

In place of old

And you’ll become

A brand new mold

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 8.21.59 AM

Time is only God’s

To give

I’ll make each day

One that lives

Thankful that

God gave me time

To live and tell

My story through rhyme.

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