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Simply Swank Solutions – Hair Dye


Have you ever

Slatted it on

Just thrown it there

And looked upon


A face that’s tinted

A silly shade

That wasn’t there

When you were made


That face is colored

Like your hair

And you didn’t want

That color there


You didn’t take time

Or know these tools

That I will share

There are some rules

You should follow

A simple trick

That will inspire

A new life flick


I’ll tell you all

How to apply

That intense color

Your hair dye

To the spots

That need it most

And not your face

Where it looks gross

The products mentioned in this post are associated with my Amazon Affiliate program.  This just means that I get paid a commission for sharing the stuff I buy on Amazon.  It’s a pretty cool way to earn extra income by sharing stuff you LOVE.  You should sign up too!  The best way to rise to the top is to bring others with you!


Y’all.  I feel that even though I am not a southern lady, that y’all is needed to start this post.  I feel ya.  You are wanting a change, and that specifically, is the color of your hair. For whatever reason, maybe some grey is starting to settle in?  Maybe you’re ready to try unicorn?  Again, for whatever reason, it’s fun to dye your hair.

What is not fun, is when the dye goes places it shouldn’t.  Am I right?!

Your precious skin, that awesome cover that decorates the first thing everyone sees.  Puh-lease.  No one wants to walk around after improving your hair, to then degrade your face.  We only strive to improve.  That much time n effort should equal success and joy!

I dye my hair a really fun blue-black color.  It makes me feel confident, powerful and pretty.  A woman’s hair is her glory – that is a fact.  Try and argue that with any woman you meet. I challenge you. Guaranteed- you will lose and walk away, shoulders down and tail between legs…

Hair, eh.  Oh hair.

I used to just slat on the color and get ‘er dun.  I had no time to take time doing that silly business.  It is so hard to take time to spend time on me.  Am I right busy moms?!  How often I found myself half asleep, existing in public with 3 inch roots exposed to the world.  Thank you for the amens of empathy.  It makes me feel loved.

I had no idea how silly I looked with all that blue-black dye smeared all over my face and shoulders.  Until the day my friend made a comment, “did you just dye your hair?”  Said kinda snarky and kinda funny.  I tried to explain myself out of my face smear, but left deflated.  Yes, I just dyed my hair….it was literally written all over my face.Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 7.53.22 AM

Let me share how I overcame the obstacle of the after dye facial smear.  ADFS?  Is that acronym too much?

It’s really quite simple, you create a barrier on all the spots that you don’t want the dye to penetrate.  I use organic castor oil Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 7.54.27 AMbecause I love how thick it is.  It stays put.  It doesn’t run into my eyes making it difficult to see.  I rub the oil all over my face, neck, chest and shoulders.  The oil barrier gives your skin the protection it needs from the hair dye.  I also wipe away any dye that gets on my unwanted areas right away.

Castor oil has been known to promote hair growth too, so putting this stuff around my hair line and scalp is so beneficial. I love this stuff for so many reasons.

In the shower, I shampoo the dye and the castor oil spots so that I don’t walk around looking like a grease monkey.  It’s really quite simple, like I said, but most fantastic solutions to life’s problems are.  Its just up to us to share them right?!

Speaking of SHARE, I am so excited to share my new website with you www.simplyswankwellness.com.  My husband and I just started our family company yesterday, PRAISE!  These products are a gift from God and we are so excited to share how effective and special they are.  God is so good, AMEN?!



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