how you feel inside

when your guts say

yup, go run n’ hide

this place is strange

and I feel weird

transparency reveals

the dirt is cleared

like a window pane

covered in grime

it works much better

when polished with time

and effort to see

what’s really there

transparency is work

to clear the air


Like, man it’s cool

I like this place

cause I feel safe

a cozy space

where guards are down

and I feel strong

transparency shows

where strength belongs


you can’t hide

your true meaning

so look within

start your screening

clean up the stuff

that’s giving unrest

sort it all out

feel thankful and blessed

that you have another

day in your saga

to give it your all

to go out n’ be mega


what motivates you

to get out of bed

what are the thoughts

going on in your head

when you talk to others

do you convey joy

are you sucking life

like a squeaky chew toy

when you walk in a room

do you read what is there

or do you assume

that how you feel is fair

and everyone must keep up

with your energy

you taking, not giving



powerful things

mastering speak

seeing through flaws

giving strength to weak


knowing fully

someone’s true intent

consciously engaged

time is spent


like the layers of

an onion, pealed

digging deeper

it will reveal

the honest core

of true desire

transparency unveils

the deceitful lier


so if you want

to make a mark

and you’ve been given

inspiration’s spark

a solution to

a problem, wow!

or you can do

you know how

you mastered craft

you are success

then offer that

with passion test

with true intent

to offer aid

without the greed

of money made


you can know

someone’s true intent

by what you get

when time is spent

how did you feel

when you left

did you feel encouraged

or so bereft

did you feel engaged

or drained of soul

did you feel lost

or in control

learn from others

and know your role

the way to achieve

great success

is to be honest each moment

I must confess

that being told

to act out a lie

or tell an untruth

makes me cringe, why?


lies only grow

into a thing

that eats at your soul

transparent sling


also, say the things

you like and don’t

that creates trust

a truthful heart won’t

lead anyone

to a path unknown

if you want success

lead them back fully known


this person is just

this person is true

they tell me

what to do

when I’m in a bind

they’ll guide a way

cause trust was built

on the day

that we first met

on a rock we stand

I know inside

by God’s command

I will stay

so strong and true

that this is what

I’m meant to do



commit each day

living by faith

in every way💕✝️💕




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