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Sound in Voice

There is a sound

that comes from our soul

When we speak

sometimes takes control

And comes from a place

that’s deep down within

A space that is precious

a place that can sing

It’s not bound by words

or thought, or our mind

It’s a feeling that lives

so far behind

Anything you could ever

try and explain

The sound of our spirit

loving refrain


A sound that’s so special;

I kept it within

But now I understand

that I must begin

To share it with others

cause that is the start

To understand fully

my true Christian Heart

Turned from the world

and all of it’s sin

Trusting and faithful

to all that’s within

A spirit that’s focused

on eternity’s worth

And nothing can match it

nothing on earth


A next level of witness

from my soul to yours

Let the sound be from here

in amplified scores

Rise up to Heaven

and give God the PRAISE

For that is my mission

from now till all days.

Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 7.10.35 AM

I’ll be adding audio to many of my posts, and thus my Christian journey continues.  Welcome to my life-rhyme.

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