The Ticket Holder


He just got it

the golden one

and he wonders

what he’s done

to ever achieve

a thing like this

filled with wonder

filled with bliss


He calls most

texts the rest

and sleep is gone

he’ll get no rest

until the day

He arrives there

imagines himself

live, on air!

standing on

that precious stage

everyone watching

all the rage

the most popular show

on tv

the best game show

ever to see


the only one

ever made

where folks can win

their price was paid

by a guy

so rich and kind

he loves to see

everyone find

the prize they want

behind the door

so he paid

the awesome score


the game is simple

door 1 and door 2

pick a door

pick and choose


the very best part

that no one knows

the rich guy

always bestows

the answer to

each lucky guest

so everyone picks

without a test

they get to choose

the very best thing

perfect odds

so that brings

crowds of people

from far and near

they will watch

and they will cheer

the tension mounts

they wait to see

the reveal excites

as they drop to their knees

and laugh and scream

they win the prize

tears pour down

their happy eyes


oh what bliss

He can’t believe

he gets to go

and to achieve

a life-long dream

he tells his friend

will you watch me?

when they send

me up to play

this awesome game

nothing compares,

this world wide fame

a choice of 2

a guarantee

a prize of awesome…



friend interjects

wait? eternity?

wrong subject

I thought we were talking

about this game I will play?

what’s eternal

why did you say?

I’m confused

is our topic the same?

yes, Friend replies

I heard of this game

the one of a choice

that guarantees fame

it reminds me of something

I told you one day

about a choice

you make when you pray

the one that rewards you

with endless joy

and this is a choice

for each girl and boy

you don’t need a ticket

you aren’t on tv

you don’t go on stage

yet, listen to me

the choice you are given

is one in the same

you choose to receive Him

and gain, gain, gain, gain


you choose a guarantee

that death is defeated

you choose a guarantee

that you will be seated

in heaven one day

when your time here is done

and that choice is all yours

yet, not something you won

it’s a thing that was given

by God’s only Son

when He died on the cross

to save everyone

He rose from the dead

and conquered the grave

the example was given

the true price was paid

so that you could see POWER

nothing else matched here on earth

and know that it’s given

in spite of your worth

you too, can defeat it

death is conquered for you

and that gift is given

as long as you choose


This guaranteed gift

is the Spirit within

you choose a guarantee

that death cannot win

you receive an eternal

ticket, per se

on the day that you choose

Salvation’s true way


Just like the game

you know what to do

choose door number one

or door number two

and you’re given the number

of the one that you should call

when you decide to receive

the best gift of all

You choose to believe.

and repent of your sin

another soul saved

a new life begins

will you choose

to give your life to the Lord

a guarantee winner

with an eternal reward.


the ticket it burns

a glare in his eyes

the sun is shining

he wipes tears from his eyes

he never heard

the story that way

he never thought

that he would say

tell me more

I want to hear

I’m listening now

a tear lands upon

the ticket in his hand

the one that saved

this precious man

Romans 10:9-10

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.


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