Temple Goal – Igniting the Holy Spirit

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;  you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.


Your body is a temple

and that is a true fact

whatever you put in

will surely now react


Your body is a temple

the Trinity combined

everything that you are

God beautiful refined.


Do you think about it,

really think it through,

that Jesus’ Spirit is right there

with everything you do.


He is there when you talk

about the girl next door

He is there when you’re mad

and actions cause uproar.


He is there when you eat

that whole big bag of chips

He is there when you sit

and fitness truly slips

right through your fingers

you really gave up, wow

sloth becomes a habit

He’s sitting there right now

twiddling His fingers

waiting patiently for you

to ask for some forgiveness

and passion, now, to do.


To get up and be great at life

He wants the very best

but He is always waiting

for you to pass the test.


Remember you must be the one

to ignite His Holy fire

cause this is not His intent

He’d rather quite admire

acts that do reflect

the gift He gave to you

on the day that you were saved

and blessed with you-know-who?

the Holy Spirit sent from Heaven

a partial and a part

the Holy Spirit sent from God

His sweet and fresh new start


You now live as part of him

there’s so much now to do

go out and be great at life

and be a better you.


Remember that the temple

is everything you are

and that God is now within you

you are His shining star.


You live each day remaining

in spirit mind and soul

and give your life to Jesus

just let Him have control.


Intentional in each act

remaining in His power

every single second, minute

adds up to each hour.


Tell your friends that you need

reminders to be great

and this will surely give you peace

a healthier new plate.


Decisions are your ticket

to a better life while here

make them ever wiser

by letting God now steer.

Through the messes of your life

it’s really not that bad

when you know that you will win

cause you call Him your Dad.


It’s like going to play a game

where you know the outcome

the wondering and worry

can never make you glum.

The temple of the Holy Ghost

is the team that you are on

and we will win the battle

with glorious praise song.


So, remember that He’s patient

but really wants to work

give the Spirit things to do

He comes with all the perks.


Encouragement and comfort

peace within life here

answers to the questions

that overcome with fear

Forgiveness when your weakness

makes you fall apart

He helps pick up the pieces

and gives a fresh new start

You’re never all alone again

the hole is mended now

you filled it with His Spirit

when you said that solemn vow


Lord, I repent,

for everything I’ve done

I am ready now, sweet Jesus,

to be daughter or a son

I want the Holy Spirit

to heal my aching heart

I want a new life in you,

that awesome fresh new start

I love you Lord, and I believe

that you’re Son’s the only way

And now that I’m forgiven

You’re here and you will stay.


So, remember You’re a temple now

God’s Spirit resides within

remember He is watching you

and works in discipline

He will always make you strong

when weakness comes to live

inside the temple where He lives

God’s power now can give

You the strength to kick sin out

just give yourself the chance

whisper, Dear Lord, help me

and watch him take a stance


With overwhelming love

He transforms your whole heart

and that is His great promise

For you are HIS work of ART.


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