Less of me, More of You.

Psalm 46:10

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.

I woke up this morning

in kind of a funk

my head was all cloudy

my mind full of junk


my body all slouchy

my soul shining dim

yet something inside me

tap, tap, tap – it was HIM


the Spirit inside me

grew stronger today

He loves to be center

in every single way


I’ve been talking about Him

following a new course

and now allowed stronger

this forceful new source


breaking down all the chains

that the devil does weigh

breaking down all the doubt

that says, yea, no way


giving me freedom

to live in the now

giving me power

to understand how


Today is a breakthrough

for me, here, this girl

That grain of sand inside

now becoming a pearl


Layers and layers

of trusting in Him

Is making me stronger

the old me, grows dim


Instead of just wallowing

in the funk I was in

I pushed myself further

and up went my chin


I’m stronger today,

look what was done,

when, at the moment

I focused on ONE


The ONE who is greater

then anything here.


of which, ALL will hear


When He whispers a word

and ALL DOES obey

the wind, the ocean, the fire of earth

in unison say


God is our master 

the essence of all

We worship the Savior

we answer His Call


In triumphant choris

Creation worships Him

So ,tiny little me,

writing this little Hymn


Joins in at this moment

each word is for You

So others will sing this

as they read each word too


This moment is greatness

with arms rising high

In answer to blessings

the ones we live by


The breath in our lungs

the air we breathe in

The love of all nature

You settled us in


We worship you Jesus

with all that we are

And nothing compares

to the twinkling stars


The diamonds that dance

on the crashing of waves

The glorious sunsets

each evening obeys


A Beautiful Artist

The most Majestic One

And for us that can capture

the rise of the sun


Our skin does respond

to the newness, I pray

Like the birth of a child

the gift of each day


So tiny me

forever will fill

Remaining in YOU

I remain, and I will


In all that i am

humbling me

Letting go, giving more

Awesome God, let it be


That when I remain

in all that I do

That less of me, becomes

a temple of You




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