Shamrock Represents Christianity – Trinity

Oh man, I sometimes find myself shocked while teaching my champions.  The things I learn!  This stuff is actual St. Patricks’s Day gold for me.  Kindergarten is really schooling this teacher.  I thought, in light of this fun holiday, I would let the champs watch a “Fun Facts” video.  Who knew that St. Patrick’s Day is a really cool Christian Holiday?  Not me.

Now that I do, I really want to share my NEW n’ favorite fun facts.  St Patrick’s Day is all about this awesome Christian guy who was born in Britain.  His name was Padraig.  He was taken to Ireland against his will and found that no one knew about Christianity.  He went back to Britain when he was older and became a Learned Man of God.  He then, returned to Ireland, and taught the people about God as a missionary.  He used the 3 leaf clover – not a four leaf clover!! – to teach people about the Holy Trinity.  How cool is that?!

Seriously guys, I was schooled today.  I’m so encouraged now that I understand how special this day is.  Praise God!  Another day to celebrate the work of Jesus!

Let’s uncover and reveal God’s goodness in a society that tries it’s dangdest to cover Him up.  Let’s Share the Love of God One Rhyme at a Time.


pots of gold

Four leaf clovers

truth be told


This sweet day

is about our Lord

And a man

with great reward

Up in heaven

cause he did

When most people

would have hid

And said, “Not me,

I won’t go.”

To a place

where most don’t know

About Salvation

about our God

The Holy Trinity

the road he trod

Was less travelled

yet, he went

And spread the word

and he spent

Time with those

that hurt him most

He cared more

Holy Ghost

Destroyed the fear

he had inside

That’s what true love

cannot hide.


St. Patrick was

a missionary

Very brave

and legendary

A man whose story

got covered up

By sin and lies

a gold filled cup


Rainbows you ride

a creepy fairy

Bearded man

who kinda looks scary


Forget the silly

and untruth tales

Focus on real

cause it unveils

Strength and beauty

beyond compare

Share this story

this is my prayer.

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 11.04.25 AM.png


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