Is Prayer Enough?

Unfortunately, events happen in life that overwhelm us all. Whether it’s something that effects us personally or in the outside world. Tragedy = prayer. The desperate and passionate prayers expressed during difficult times are events in themselves. We are usually down on our knees, crying, talking out loud and at times even screaming. (Me)

Passionate prayer is ignited when we hear about hurricanes that devastate entire cities, tsunamis that flatten everything in its path, earthquakes that crumble the tallest building and fires that clear homes and livelihoods. Life is tough and so is prayer.

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I’ve been thinking about prayer lately.  I’ve been talking to God about it.  When I pray I think of God as my dad.  I talk to him in conversation, To me, it makes prayer real. I never understood the monstrous words, old English language and drawn out length of prayer, like I experienced as a child. It was over my head and extremely boring.

Now, prayer fascinates me.  I think about prayer like this. It’s our direct communication with the One who created EVERYTHING. Cool!  Overwhelming? Powerful?

Some might say no. You already knew that. Blah, blah. So, let’s dig deeper.

Alright, let’s start at the beginning.  When we became saved the Heavens Split open, the angels triumphantly shouted!! ANOTHER SOUL SAVED!!! In that instant our souls became united forever with the Holy Spirt – the third part of the Holy Trinity.  Yup – true!  That’s part of us now.

Sin was conquered on the day that Jesus died on the cross! The day that we accepted Him as our Savior, we also accepted the gift of eternal life in Heaven.  See, our bodies die, but our souls are eternal. We made the choice to allow our souls eternity in splendor with God and our loved ones.  Pretty smart choice, I think!

Let’s chat more about the Holy Spirit.  Ever think about that guy?  The Holy Spirit was sent from heaven to join with the Virgin Mary to create Jesus! What?!? Ever think of that? The Holy Spirit lives within you when you are saved!

Prayer is the ability through the connection of the Holy Spirit and through Jesus – God’s son to communicate directly with the Creator of the universe. AND, He tells us that He is our Dad and to humble ourselves like little children.  How comforting.

Here’s my example, just like my champions matter to me – all of the nurturing and loving care I give to their needs – He cares for me – yet WAAY better – Perfect!  He sees all, knows all and provides what’s best for me – cause He holds my past, now and future – Simultaneously.

So, yes, we matter and prayer matters to Him.


Now I am going to ask you some thinking questions.

1) If we didn’t matter, why would He directly connect himself with us?  Remember how I said the Holy Spirit is part of the Devine Trinity? And the Holy Spirit is God with us? “Connected we are” – Yoda.

2) Why does God give us a choice? Why are we allowed to decide on our Salvation? Why are we allowed to decide on anything?

God loves us and true love and devotion is based on authentic choice, commitment and devotion.  That is love. God wants us to love Him and show Him true love.

God is so good, all the time!

Prayer has been on my mind, like I said.  Have you ever received a text, “Praying for you!” Or have you been going though struggles and people state, “Sending prayers your way!”

Or, let’s reverse the roles.  Have you ever been the person flippantly throwing out the prayer phrase at someone you know? Ahem, “that’s enough,” you say. Phew, avoided that awkward situation. On with my day.

Yet, you didn’t pray…

You used the word “prayer” as a scapegoat to avoid diving deeper into a situation with someone who is hurting.

You thought, “now I look good to others that heard, I feel better about myself BUT you didn’t pray. So, where is the “feel good” in that?

The unrecieved (new word) person didn’t even get the benefit of one of the most powerful tools we have as humans. In passing, you flippantly spoke the most powerful tool you could ever use in your life!

Prayer shouldn’t be taken so lightly.  It shouldn’t be a dressy statement used to fancy up your profile.  If you say it, do it.

It shouldn’t be something that looks good to others either. Not a performance, not a way to impress.  You should never think – “that will look good to my viewers, followers and my unknown likers.”


When Jesus prayed He went to the garden and spoke to his dad. I imagine the garden as a  peaceful, beautiful place. There is a smooth rock at the perfect height for kneeling. A babbling brook passes through and white lilies grow all over.  That’s what I picture as his garden of prayer.

When Jesus prayed he shut himself off from the chaos of his followers and the cities n’ towns he ministered to. He went to a quiet place where he could communicate with His Father without distraction. He was intentional in his actions toward prayer.

I recently saw the movie The Prayer Room.  If you want to visually accept the power of prayer, watch that movie! A+++

Prayer is powerful! Amen?

Prayer is real! Amen?

Prayer is of God! Amen?

Prayer is our right! Amen?

Prayer is our responsibility! Amen?

Prayer is our honor! Amen?

And finally, prayer is our command. And all God’s people thankfully say, amen! Abba, Father.

I’m not finished with my thought provoking questions though.

3) If prayer isn’t the most powerful tool we have as humans, than why is it the only thing we can do to allow our souls to be saved in the first place?!

It’s the only tool that allows eternal life in Heaven.  We are commanded to PRAY and ask for forgiveness and to be SAVED from sin.  We ask the Holy Spirit to come live within our souls and change us from the inside out!

Thus, there is no argument. You cannot say that the one act that allowed me eternal life, free from sin – is a joke.  It’s real, it’s big and it’s my new favorite tool to keep me humble and connected to my dad, my Father and my God.

The next time you pray focus on what your doing.  Maybe words don’t even have to be spoken. Focus on the connection and simply open your heart. Experience God in your personal way.

Let’s stop addressing prayer so flippantly.  It’s not empty words.  Prayer shouldn’t be spoken with no thought or feeling because we are commanded to remain in our faith, trust and hope!  We must believe in the power of prayer first! Faith is the act of knowing but not seeing.

It’s the only way we can enjoy the presence of His peace. Direct meditation with God. If you can quiet your mind and focus on God your whole body will react. Your soul will ignite with the power of his grace and love.  It will set your hair on its end.  Tears will fall down your face and you will accept how special prayer can be.  But, first you must believe.

Let’s make Prayer more powerful by realizing how special it is. By uniting in prayer for our country, for our government for our community and for friends, family and ourselves.  If prayer is the only act that allows us eternal life with our God, then let’s remember that every time we pray. Be passionate, have faith and stay humble!



Dear Lord, thank you for prayer. Thank you for helping me think about it in a brand new & powerful way.  Thanks for this blog and for the ability to talk to people in a special new way.  I would love for this post to Help someone in need.  If there is a person that needs prayer I would love for this post to bless them.  Thank you for my new life with you.  Thank you for forgiving me of my sins and loving me no matter what.

Please keep inspiring me to share your love and guide me to my next thought and inspiration.  Let my words be humble and for You – not for me. I love you with my whole heart, in Jesus’ name, amen.



  1. We cannot survive in this alienated world without prayer. I often wonder how atheists can cope with this life without God to turn to. After all, we are spiritual beings created in His likeness. Thank you for sharing how vital prayer is in our life of grace.

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