Washing Hands – Raw and Sore Solution

With things being what they are, we are washing and washing to stay healthy and keep others healthy too.  No matter what we are doing, soap, disinfectants, gloves, so many different & effective tools.

We need to remember that while washing is a super effective and important tool, moisturizing and healing your skin is super important too.

Dry and cracked skin allows infection and virus to enter the cracked skin – our body’s largest organ!  So, while you are washing, remember the important next step – heal.

The best way to do this is to use chemical free and alive aloe found in Simply Swank Primer – which is exactly our body’s PH – 4.6 so it doesn’t make your skin dry or greasy.  The perfect cucumber seed oil and the alive aloe along with our perfect blend of healing essential oils are the most amazing solution to dry and cracked hands.

Please make sure you are following up with this essential next step to stay safe and healthy!

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 9.57.44 AM

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