Why does Working Out Fight Off Virus? No Gym, No Problem – Full Body Workout – 10 Minutes – 30 Second Intervals

Dear Lord,

I know you have this.  I know you are great and you are powerful.  Praise your NAME.  You are the master and commander and you have created everything we know and see.  Times like this make us fall to our knees and recommit our lives to you.  It’s too easy to be complacent when things are running so smooth, we take life for granted.  This is a wonderful time to pay attention to the gift of life and take it way more serious.  To love you and praise you and declare that you are LORD, and say we love you.  I pray you heal the world and are praised.  

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Work out at home, keep motivated, you only need 10 minutes of your day.  You can do this multiple times as well to break up your day and stay motivated throughout.

We all know that working out is important, right?!

Pop culture thinks that working out keeps us fit and attractive.  But do you know the critical why it’s so important to work out now?  With this crazy worldwide sickness?  There is an important and scientific medical reason.

Lymphatic system.

That’s right guys.  I preach this over and over on my blog.  The Lymphatic System is the body’s freedom fighters.  They eat and kill all the bacteria, germs, viruses and diseases in our bodies.  Just like the clams and muscles clean the ocean – the Lymph do the same for us.  They are the filters of our bodies.


As well, they don’t work on their own, like the nervous system and the blood system, they need manual pump.  If you sit on your butts all day and watch the local news, you are probably feeding your adrenaline system these days – filling yourselves with fear and doubt.  AND you are also NOT working your LYMPH.  OH NO!

You need to get up and move!  That is the only way your filtration system will work.

AND – did you know that a massive amount of your LYMPHATIC system lives in your armpits?!?  Over the counter deodorants are horrible and destroy these important virus fighters.  Chemical filled deodorant makes it impossible for the filtration system to work properly.Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 8.30.42 AM.png

A SIMPLY Swank solution for you in fighting disease and viruses.  Let your body do its job.  Use my deodorant that is ALL NATURAL.  It actually promotes your Lymphatic system and allows it to work most effectively because it is full of ALIVE aloe.  Living aloe is healing and perfect for your skin.Anyway.  Most important – get up off your bottoms and get exercising.  Stop using that gross and horrible for you deodorant and start today off fight with prayer and a great Christian attitude.  God is so good, HE’S GOT THIS!

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