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Unpopular or Strong

who was unpopular

when you were just 4

and you did something wrong

same as you did before


and the person that scolds you

and says you were wrong

and teaches that lesson

so that you don’t belong


in a hospital bed

with no fingers attached!     (all the moms of the world say amen)

who is that person

the one that is matched


with the same person who

defends right from the wrong

the one in the uniform

so that you don’t belong

behind the cold bars

that prevent you from doing

what you would like

steadfastly pursuing

you that you would learn

and never repeat

the lessons she taught you

standing in 4 year old feet


when your mom taught a lesson

you’d feel shame right away

and shame lead to hate

and anger dismay

so far from the love

you should really feel

oh human nature sin

that’s shockingly real


so then from the hate

when you grow to adult

you then 2020

feel love and no fault

that you mother did try

to teach right from wrong

you humbly say, “sorry”

a loving new song


but back to the moment

of shameful retort

you’re saying you hate her

and you are so short

inside and out

you detest learning lessons

hate being told wrong

you don’t see the blessings

and this is nature

that will always belong

inside of us all

taught right from the wrong

what’s furthermore

as we grow to adult

we don’t grow out of shame

as a result


as we adults know

we are bigger and badder

and the sin is much more

outcome much sadder

so I am telling you

as a mother to all

that this situation we are in

is worse than the fall


the screaming and shouting

and hissy fits now

are worse than the boo boo

look at your knee after all

there is no blood,

there’s just a scrap on your skin

but your whaling and screaming

are from fear deep within

so get up and shake off

the clouds of your shame

and get up and stand up

and remember GOD’s NAME

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 12.11.19 PM

The person who teaches lessons, or calls you out when you are doing wrong is the worst person in the world.  Until you take some time – if you can – and retrospectively and constructively criticize yourself and see that what they were saying was right.  You live in shame, shame leads to anger ‘n anger leads to hate.

This is the path of the weak minded.  If you are strong willed – the person who stood up when others were being bullied – you can look at criticism in the face and say wow, I can see your perspective and adapt my skills to improve and be better.  You can see past your ego and see how it is a great step toward mastering response, action and character.

I was the person who always stood up when someone was being bullied.  I explained with controlled voice and action, the err of the ways and the consequences that would follow if the action was repeated.  I have always stood up for myself, after being abused by someone or watching someone being abused themselves.  Fear plays a different role in my life.  It ignites me to action.

There are some people who are designed to watch with eyes that only see entertainment as someone is being bullied.  There are others that actually bully.  Lastly, there are those that a the recipient of the bullying.  Who are you?  Where do you stand?  The answer to those questions equals your response to fear-drenched information.

Those that will stand up and take action are the ones that will search through the muck to find the truth and stand on it.  The ones that bullied will see the fear in others and push for more.  The ones that watched in entertainment will enjoy the fear and crave more visuals.  And the ones that were bullied will run in fear and hide in a corner.

The frustration in all of this is the lack of people who will stand and fight back.  The pawns of the world will beg others to fight back.  Step back and say, someone else will do it.  Someone else stronger than me will say “NO.”  They wait and are begging for redemption.

I can say truthfully to all of you.  You can do something.  You can pray.  You can ask for forgiveness and act on your knees.  I can PROMISE you one thing.  What is happening right now is bigger than all of us.  It is bigger than you can ever imagine.  No human can heal this from a to z.  Whatever your perspective, whomever you are pointing fingers at. It is not political.  It is not physical illness.  It is Godlessness and a lack of falling to our knees and telling God – I am sorry.  I will change and YOUR will be done.

I am so tired of my own self-fulfilling prayers.  I am guilty of repeating them day after day.  I am tired of self-perpetuating this request of “I need and I want”.  I am ready to submit to the Lord and say, Your will be done. Not mine.

I am glad that I play for the winning team.  I am thankful that my God Glasses see life in Christ as joy, peace and grace.  I am glad that this is the story I can write and tell.  Please join me and ask God for forgiveness for selfish prayers, and commit to – Your will be done.  In all things and forevermore.

His 2020 vision is greater, stronger and clearer than any one person on earth.  Trust and obey, for there is no other way to live this life.  Healing comes from prayer, and repentance.  Amen.2 Chronicles 7_14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will he-2

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    The author of this blog is so on point. Fence sitters are not your friends. In order to live a life with meaning, stand for something-or you may fall for anything. Be a badass for Christ~

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