Humble Request

I had the courage to ask my brother if he was saved or not. He told me he isn’t.

I need all of you to pray this prayer with me.

Dear Lord,

you know my brother James.  You know how much I love him and that is crazy because you love him more than I do. I also know that you are more sad than I am that he is not saved. That is really sad.
So now that I know the truth please pray for me as I witness to him. Please help me know the truth.
thank you for praying with me. Thank you Lord for answering my prayer even as I type there is hope65AAC13B-017F-415C-848A-4BC787C96060please pray that I will have the words to say that will change the course of his eternity.
thank you Lord for hearing my heart. Thank you Lord for prayer. In Jesus name, amen.


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