Courage is Contagious! Peaceful and Respectful Right to Petition the Government

Today I had the opportunity to practice and uphold my First Amendment Rights.
I was at the beach. A tax payor funded public area. All the parks were open yesterday, so families are allowed to respectfully enjoy the green space, but the beach is still a place where we may not sit on a towel. We must be standing.

Today I printed my sign, took my kids to the beach, and I sat on a towel.

I was approached by a State Sheriff. After he explained to me that he would enforce a rule that allowed him to write a citation, I asked him if that new law trumped my right to exercise my First Amendment Right to Peacefully and Respectfully petition the government.

Again, he threatened me with a citation.

Again, I asked him if he was going to allow the new law to trump the Constitution.

He said that he did his job, educating and encouraging the law but that he would let someone else write the citation.  He chose not to do it.

I didn’t get a citation.

I was scared. Really scared. He was really intimidating with his hands on his hips and demonstratively close to his pistol.

This was a State Sheriff.

I am a mom, on the beach, at least 50 yards away from any other human and my children were eating their lunch when he approached me.

I encourage you, courage is just as contagious as fear.

Be respectful. Be courageous. Be Christ-like and don’t let bullies win. Stand up for the wrong and when things get stupid, be smart and fearless and know your rights.

It seems so small. Just sitting on a towel. But for me it was big. And what I saw after made me happy.

Approximately 25 other people on either side of me sat or laid on their towels.

Courage is contagious!!


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