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My Response to My Child’s School Survey for September 2020

The “pandemic” is a scare tactic and it doesn’t effect children that have healthy immune systems. Fear of friends should not be something my child is learning at school. They should be focused on developing healthy relationships and learning curriculum.
In the past, SARS and MERCA were present and these exercises in human control and repression were never present. Herd immunity is important to My children’s health and well being as they grow and develop. If I repress my child’s ability to develop their immune system at such a young age I will do them no justice for when they are older and can’t fight off a common cold.
The use of sanitizers and chemicals are way more detrimental than the common cold or flu.
This is insanity at its finest.
When I volunteered in the classroom the sanitation wasn’t even encouraged until after the children exited the classroom because chemicals and sanitizers are so dangerous.
How and why can common sense be thrown out the window in a matter of days?!

1 thought on “My Response to My Child’s School Survey for September 2020”

  1. Yes the temporary shutdown (Which I was okay with) so that we could reassess our response to the virus is now being pushed on us as a lifestyle. Nothing quite paralyzes clear thinking like fear. Thanks for sharing!


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