The Prayers of Christian Moms.

Precious Father we humbly come before you this morning with so uncertainty in the world. We thirst for you and only you to fill us up with hope and joy. May we repent of our sins this morning. Remove any doubt in our hearts that you are not in control. Place our hope in eternal life not in this earthly life. You are in control may your glory be known. We stand boldly and place our hope in you. We pray for a revival of churches and that we as Christian women would be bold in our faith and be faithful to your name. May our eyes and hearts be turned to you Jesus! You are holy Jesus! We must press on despite what is going on in our world and proclaim the gospel all the days of our lives. May we be mamas that serve our families well and help us to be courageous to lead our children to you! We pray our children would treasure your word. We come to you, your throne this morning desiring you and only you. We surrender to you and use us for your glory. Remove any fear in us and put our faith in the unseen Jesus, we have hope that you are working even we don’t know it. You are Lord of Lords…..we need you! As we go into unknown territory for this country may you remove any fear in our hearts knowing you are in control. Jesus we need you every minute of the day May you give us joy each day all the days of our life! In Jesus name Amen!

Dear Lord. Thank you for the morning. For beautiful sunrises and promises of new beginnings. Thank you for being the great I AM. Your eyes see without time. You are omnipresent. Thank you for not being worried about what might happen and thank you for keeping us humble and on our knees because that is what makes us so much closer to you. Thank you for love and for our relationship with you. Thank you for Jesus and for Salvation. Thank you for being in charge when scary people think they can rule over us. I pray blessings on America. I pray that our eyes would be open to only the truth that you provide. Help us in our faith to want more of YOU only. Help me to read your word more and always crave more of you. In Jesus’ Name Amen.

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