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The Mask, The Money, The Moment

Hiding behind!

This tiny thing

Seeing the world

Sing – sing – sing – sing

Now I can say

Things buried inside

I don’t have to run

I don’t have to hide

Buried inside me

Are all of my things

Deep down inside

All of my stings

Hatred and hurting

They rise up so quick

Now I have freedom

Now I can pick

Victims so easy

They’ll carry it too

This pain that I have

I’ll give it to you

It’s heavy and gross

It’s been there so long

And now with this mask

Now they can belong

To this life that I’m living

The fear that consumes

So now they will suffer

Yet my pain just balloons

I am sharing my pain

With each unkind act

Yet, the pain is still there

It’s more now, in fact

I’m lashing out daily

I thought it would go

But the pain is just growing

I’m spinning, I’m so

Depressed, I am scared

More than ever before

Yet they told me the mask

Would make me much more

Safe and protected

The mask makes me worse

This silly old mask

Is deceptive, a curse!

I wear it around

Like the nose on my face

All that it does

Is simply erase

The moments that joy

Takes over me

It erases my smile

That God gave to me

The symbol of joy

Given uniquely to man

Erased in a mask

That honestly can

Never protect you

From lies and deceit

It makes you an object

A pawn to defeat

Where are the rooks?

And the knights to protect?

The pawns are just waiting

Please rise, don’t forget

Your missions

Your reason

Your Godly design

Your courage

Your wisdom

Your conquering mind

The pawn-wearing-mask

Is consuming this State

And this place is disgusting

So, what is our fate?

The bruised, beaten subjects

Of sin’s lies deployed

The mask wearing coward

That simply enjoyed

Spoon fed rejection

Of hard work employed

All that printed money

So bound to destory

The government is coming

To take back the free

You thought that the stuff

They gave was easy?

You thought that the cash

They sat in your lap

The thousands of dollars

Wasn’t bait for a trap?!

You thought that the crooks

You voted in power

Wouldn’t get it all back

With terrifying scour

Now that the agents

Are out for attack

They are out there now finding

The ones cashing “crack”

Yay! You annouced

The money is here

Yay! You annouced

We have nothing to fear

The government saved us

We love them so much

They are sweet and we’ll give them

All our freedoms and such

Free money

What joy

I’ve lived for this day

Free money

So sick

I’ll buy and I’ll pay

Off all of my debt

Gone just like that

And a flick of my shoulder

I didn’t check facts

I forgot that nothing

In this life is free

And the government is coming

It’s coming for me

That printed money

Is the ticket they gave

To destruction of you

It’s was never to save

They hired their agents

To investigate you

And they want it all back

Times 3 then times 2

And the terms of repayment

Will simply cripple you

You won’t pay them back

And they’ll take all your toys

You won’t pay them back

And gone are the joys

But not just the joys

They are taking your home

They are taking the land

They even take back your phone

So you have no one to call

To help you fight back

If you think I am kidding

I’m telling you, Jack

Open your eyes

And read up on facts

Think about history

And look quickly back

Start saving your money

so that you don’t lack

The Sheriff of Nottingham

That disgusting crook

Is coming to collect

In multiples look

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You can stick your head

In the sand, wear a mask

You can live in a bubble

You can sit and just basque

In the crap storm you made

When you voted for sin

Or you can do something different

And start to begin

To see life more clearly

See what’s going on

Start to direct

Start thinking it’s wrong

To let them have power

To dictate your life

To let them feed lies

And cause even more strife

The first thing God gave us

Was choice, yes, it’s true

That is your only freedom

And The Red, White and Blue

It hangs in a balance

Of what we decide

I pray for my children

You don’t run and hide

That you start to stand up

And remember your pride

That you start to unite

With patriots, with power

That the masks will come off

This very hour

you’ll think with YOUR brain

And not the collective of sheep

I pray this with love

And that God always keeps

Us in His Mercy

And forgives us of sin

That’s a promise He made

So I say with a grin

I know that He will

And so let’s simply begin

Being soldiers of God

Cause that team’s gunna win!

Isaiah 40:31

they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint.

I was at a store the other day and some guy thought it would be a great time to tell me I am a horrible mom and a terrible example to my children. He said this with a mask on. He said this in front of my children. He said this while walking away. He said this with his back turned. He said this under his breath. He said this in fear. He said this with years of compiled lies, fear, anger. He said this to hurt. He said this to conquer.

Persecution only creates power. It doesn’t defeat the soldiers. It creates clarity. I pray for him. I pray that he would see with eyes that are clear. I am not scared. I am the next wave of America.

I am a horrible mom for not wearing a mask. I am a horrible mom for not complying like a sheep – It’s been a year now. I am over it. I am not wearing it anymore. I am also encouraging you to do the same.

It is so important for us to start fighting back now. I encourage you to get people together and start being different. Gather up friends, as many as you can and go to a store at the same time. Wear your masks and then simply take them off. Be sweet, be kind, just simply shop, don’t linger, and be a strong, sweet presence of joy. Show people that it’s time to take them off now. It’s time to show the government we are done. We will not be scared anymore. We will take back our freedoms, our liberty, our control.

It starts with taking the masks off folks.

Smile, share joy, share freedom. Courage is Contagious and freedom is disappearing. We have seconds left. What are you going to decide.

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