One Nation, Under God, Indivisible

One Nation,

Under God


One Nation

Forgot God

and Divided

One Nation

Challenged God

And disappeared

Now divided

Under attack

so transparent

the things they lack






by transparency

Crying out

“please save me!”

Mercy, grace


The last resort

in destitution

Will you stand

around and say

Someone else

Will have to pay.

Complain and fret

While giving up

sipping from

Your fear filled cup

You’ll simply let

the other team

push you around

”they are so mean”

they bask with pride

Cause their recipe

Really worked

…divided you and me

Yet, wait a minute

I talk to me

“What about faith

in what I can’t see?”

Don’t I have

the Sword of Truth

the Living Word

honesty’s proof?

hang on a minute…

Who conquered death?

Yet, still I doubt?

When He gave me breath?

Just like Thomas

I doubt and should

get on my knees

every second I could

I must talk to GOD

It is the way

the voice of Christians

We fervently pray

To the God

Who created we

created them

and He did see

The One Nation

Who gave God all trust

They bled and died

so now we must

Honor the past

with knees that kneel

and remember the Lord

before sin steals

all that’s left

of what is good

Fervent prayer

is how we should

start the day

And end it too

Start to conquer

the fear and goo

Reveal the face

of reality

Renew the hope

of normalcy

God didn’t want us

walking around

in visible fear

falling down

submitting to

the devil’s mask

That isn’t trust

So all I ask

is to grow in faith

to grow some balls

to raise up solders

for GOD’S cause

Stand and say

I will not let

this Nation of God

live in REGRET

I’ll stand up for

the Lord on High

and They will hear

this Soldiers Cry


flag of america
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And when I pray

I pray to HIM

Jesus, my LORD

with eyes that brim

up in tears

cause they do not know

and their hearts, I assume

are hardened, so

I’ll continue to pray

for mercy, grace

And before God’s wrath

They find a place

of Forgiveness, Salvation

it’s free for all

But, you must respond

and answer HIS call.

So as a Nation

we commit to prayer

It’s all we can do

there’s too much out there.

and start showing your face

so they see your glow

They know it’s finished

prayer warrior – show

That God is Greater

than the sin out there

Take off your mask

This is my prayer

United we stand

Within this Nation

Living for GOD

We wont erase Him

We pray each day

Asking to heal the pain

Eradicating fear

In Jesus’ Name!

God commanded us to not worship idols, to remain in faith and trust until He comes back to gather us together with Him for eternity. He commanded us not to worship idols. That means putting faith and trust in anything other than HIM. He is the great Alpha and Omega. I refuse to worship any other God than my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who was, and is, and is to come.

I refuse to put my faith and trust in a mask. Do you know why? A mask cannot save you from a virus. A microscopic, constantly mutating, age old virus that has NO – and I repeat – NO means of vaccination. If something is mutating in real time, how can you vaccinate it? It is insanity.

I refuse to put my faith and trust in an experimental drug that cannot pass any safety precautions. I refuse to put my faith and trust in a money hungry bigoted society full of hate for others and is out to destroy all that is good.

I refuse to forget that my nation – given to us by the Grace and Mercy of GOD alone – was founded and knit together with principles that were based on my CHRISTIAN FAITH.

I refuse to worship the idols of man. I refuse to put my trust in anything other than JESUS. I refuse to send messages that I am full of fear, because that is a lie. I don’t fear. Do you know the command to NOT FEAR is repeated 365 times in the Bible. That is for each day of the year. If that is a command that was repeated that many times, don’t you think we should say, ”okay”.

Here is my recommendation. Every time you feel fear, say – Dear Lord, I give my fear to you. Say your fear out loud so you can hear it. Then give it all to GOD. Tell Him why you fear it. Write it down so you can see it. Then write why you fear that specific fear. Give it all to Jesus and ask Him to help you conquer it. If it is written down you can remember to pray about it and when it is conquered you can rip it up and throw it away. Praise! so satisfying.

Let me give you another answer and an effective solution. Are you frustrated with prayer? You pray every day and you feel nothing? Did you know that prayer is only effective if you are a Christian?

If you pray to God and you are not submitted to Him and saved by saying the salvation prayer, it’s like talking on a phone with no power. It’s empty. You are talking to no one. Jesus opens up the communication line only after you have submitted to Him. So if you are frustrated that you pray all the time, and you aren’t feeling anything, you’d better check yourself instead of doubting the Lord.

If you would like to know what life is like when you are actually connected to God in prayer, and feel what it is like to no longer live in fear, but to have hope and faith, you can say this Salvation prayer:

Dear Lord, Thank you for prayer, thank you for the chance I have right now to ask you to save me. Please forgive me of my sin and wipe my past clean with your mercy and grace. Thank you for sending your only Son to die, and conquer death, so that I can live forever with you in Heaven. Thank you for forgiving me of my sin and thank you for this new life I have in you. Please help me to be less of me and more of you each day. Please help me to learn more about you each day. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

YAY, it’s that simple. Now you have the Holy Spirit that will help you each day and will guide you on your journey to live more for Jesus each day. This is not the ticket to a perfect life. It is a promise that as you go through the ups and downs you have a connection to Jesus and you have hope in Heaven. Now you have no reason to fear, for the Lord your God is with you, He will never leave you or forsake you.

Joshua 1:9 – Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

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