Education and Assimilation

Educate your precious mind

Fill it up with wisdom

Be careful what you fill it with

I recommend this system

Take the info that you get

And consider it’s true source

filter out the garbage

Use Biblical recourse

Assimilation what a word

Outside I see the sheep

Blind in such confusion

They forgot to keep

Jesus at the center

Father of us all

I pray that they repent

And listen to His call

Open up your Bible

Read the Living Word

I tell you that it’s sharper

than any earthly sword

It will surely cut through

The thoughts you throw at it

It will wipe and clear away

What the devil tries to spit


Discernment given from the Lord

Is true and strong and just

Give your thoughts to Jesus

A command, a Godly MUST


So if you’re feeling so bogged down

This life? What’s going on?

Remember Jesus really cares

And sing a heartfelt song

Praise that’s sung from your soul

Can heal up all your doubt

It’s a gift that is from HIM

So sing out loud or shout

Glory, Glory, Glory

To God above on high

I give you all my love today

And I will never try

To cancel any part of you

I choose to give to you

All of everything I have

It all belongs, it’s true

It all belongs to Jesus

Everything, I see, I own

It really isn’t mine at all

It belongs to Him alone

I focus all my love with praise

In this time I spent with you

You see the Lord is working still

In everything I do


I’ve been distracted lately

In the weight of sick I feel

worry, doubt and depression

The devil tries to steal

Power, joy, and love for faith

The Lord will bring me through

The sleepless nights, the fever

Is heaven shining through

This life is not forever

But one is waiting there

In heaven, I will see him

This is His daughter’s prayer


Father up in heaven,

Have mercy on my soul

I pray that you forgive me

For lack of self control

For sin that perpetrates me 

For doubting, for dismay

For not always giving you 

My all in every way

Thank you for my sickness

Thank you for no sleep

Thank you for persecution

I pray you always keep

Me on my knees seeking you

For all the rest of life

I pray this “cross” I bare for you

Will shine down here so bright

I pray that you will use these words

To inspire great salvation

That you would open up more eyes

To love across the nation

That more would see the value

In the one and only God

The one that sacrificed HIS son

So that we could one day trod

Beside the king of kings

And live a life for HIM

And one day when I close my eyes

On this life – oh so grim

That He will smile at me

And say, you did your best

You lived a brand new life for me

You passed my loving test


Jesus up in heaven,

Again, I beg of you

Have mercy on my soul, Dear Lord,

For all the sin I do.

I pray I live each gifted day

In honest, true submission

In repentance and forgiveness

And continue on Your mission


I want to be much better

Than the girl who slid away

I want to humbly thank you

For this second chance, I Pray

Forgive me Father, Change me

From the inside, let me be

Constantly seeking You

Please give me eyes to see

Please open up my ears

And let my mind now crave

The Living Word you gave to me

Let me remember, learn and save

The instruction book that teaches me

To be much more like you

And suffer up my “perfect” life

So I will always do

Less of me, Sweet Jesus,

And so much more of You.


There is so much to tell you, dear reader.  We took the kids on a really quick trip to the desert.  So many amazing memories were made in that brief and special time.  We totally appreciated the beauty of God’s Creation.  The rocks sing out Glory to Him, the creation beauty of this world is breath-taking.  

My little man, a champion for Jesus, went through 3 tanks of gas on his little dirt bike.  My daughter went through at least one or two.  The 90 degree weather didn’t bother them, but my husband and I started craving cooler weather right away.  We were hoping that we could catch the last weekend of cool weather, but I guess desert season is over for another year.  

My champion daughter and I went for a walk in the coolness of the morning, searching for quartz.  On our billy goat adventure through the hills we saw some cool desert creatures and filled our pockets with cool treasures.  She observed her footprints in the sand thought they were so cool.  It was an awesome teaching moment.  We chatted about the lesson of the footprints in the sand.  A man questioned God why he could see his footprints and Jesus’ footprints during happy days, but on the days that he struggled, he could only see one set.  Jesus explained that it was on the hard days, Jesus was carrying the man through.  

I told my husband about that, and we discovered the opposite side of that lesson.  The man kept Jesus beside him even on the days that he was happy.  Do you ever feel like us?  like you are only crying out and focusing your mind on Jesus when things are tough?  That you are only really aware of Him when you need Him?  When life is “good” we tend to forget to thank Him.  My husband and I learned a great lesson in that moment.  We need to remain focused on Jesus and keep His hand in ours in good times and in time of struggle.

It’s such a simple lesson, but a really important one.  Love is the fruit of the spirit.  If we remain in constant love with Jesus, we are on the right path.  Jesus commands us to love.  Loving Jesus is active.  It is remembering Him in all things.  The example of love is expressed through actively saying His name in all things.  Something good happens, “Praise the Lord!”  

Focus your mind on what Jesus thinks of you.  His opinion of you.  What He wants from you.  If you do that, you will be free from a lot of burden, fear, depression and worry.  If you start looking up instead of around you, you will see He is looking down on you and revealing Himself to you in very special ways.  

Your mission for Jesus is your own.  Mine is my own.  But our mission together is to Love Him, to encourage one another to focus on Him.  If we love Jesus first, everything else is secondary.  His love and guidance comes from the Holy Spirit.  Read your Bible, pray, ask for wisdom, guidance and peace.  He will give you what you need.

Submit to Him, repent – repent means to turn away – a FULL 180 on sin.  You must do this – it is a command from God.  You are smart, you know what sin you must turn away from.  The Holy Spirit pricks you with pain and screams in your head – you know He does.  Sin and Faith do not mix, the great oil and water of life.  You cannot have both.  I pray that we encourage one another forward to repent, and life a moral life for Jesus.

Revelation 3:3

3 Remember, therefore, what you have received and heard; hold it fast, and repent. But if you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what time I will come to you.

Time is precious.  It is not promised.  What is promised is Salvation.  All you must do is pray and repent of your sin, turn away from your old life and give it to Jesus.  His blood paid the price for your sin.  It wipes your sin clean, tears up the contract with the evil one and writes a new one with  Jesus.  You are now saved because you believe.  You love Jesus, you are thankful that He loves you enough to take all the crap, the dirty disgusting stuff and poof, it’s gone.  A new life is solidified by HIS GREAT GIFT – Himself.  He sends you the Great Messenger – the Holy Spirit – now resides within you.  Your soul is forever connected to Jesus.  He will not leave you or forsake you.  You now live knowing you made the CHOICE to follow Him.  Your reward is heaven and eternal life.  Jesus conquered death for you.  You will not suffer.

My husband has been blessed by God and was given wisdom.  He sees life with eyes that were given from the Lord.  He understands things with an internal instruction manual that very few in life were given.  He explains Salvation to me this way, and it gave me so much clarity.  I pray to the Lord that I am using His wisdom, given to my husband, correctly.  Lord, please bless these words and let them come directly from you.  Use me today to explain away doubt and give clarity to those that are seeking answers. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Now you may ask – as I have too, if Jesus loves me so much why would he condemn people to death.  Why is there hell?  Why would he hate people so much to send them there?  I won’t believe in a God that does that.  Here is a thinking example:

I love Jesus so much that I choose Heaven, eternal life with God, I will not die, but I will be rewarded with pure joy and no suffering – for eternity.  I choose Heaven.  I love Jesus so much that I choose to stand with Him and love Him forever.  I believe in His promises and accept His freely given love.  I comfort myself in Jesus.  I choose Jesus, I know that free will is mine to use,  I reject hate, and I choose to enjoy the knowledge of love and I will reap it’s rewards.

Now I will turn the tables.  

I don’t love Jesus, I choose to die.  I choose to condemn myself to hell.  I will suffer death.  I hate Jesus so much that I send myself there.  I believe in doubt and hate so much that I deny freely given love and comfort myself in hate.  I take the responsibility of my choices, because free will and love and hate exist.  I know free will is mine to enjoy, however I choose to hate and reject true love and accept the result of eternity in Hell because I rejected Jesus.

That sounds so harsh, but read the paragraph above it, it is only the opposite.

Think of a balance.  The great balance of life.  Science proves balance – Newton’s Law.  For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Praise the Lord for that!  So, in that very scientific proof – God is in the midst.  Love is proven using Newton’s Law.  What is love?  Love is the opposite of Hate.  If love is on that great scale, what is the opposite.  If love had no opposite – it would not exist.  There has to be an opposite for it to be reality.  

Thus, in order for love to exist – has to be given the option to be rejected or hated.  Free Will holds the balance, you decide where you stand to tip the balance.  God freely gives, you freely receive.  But choice is the ultimate factor.

Love freely given and freely received is the only reality or possibility of what love is.  

Love in absolution is a signed contract.  It is an agreement, a reciprocal situation where it is given and received.  You can’t love a rock, it can’t love you back.  Love is action – it is given and received.  

On the day you receive love (become engaged) your husband, will ask you to make the choice, the option is given to the wife, and she will CHOOSE to receive it.  If the wife was manufactured, a robot, then there would be no need for marriage, no need for choice, and no love at all.  People are not robots.  The first thing God gave us when He created us was Choice.  You will choose to love me.  You will choose to obey me.  The opposite of that isn’t love.  The choice was made.  And that choice was based on Free Will.

So free will is the truest expression of love.  

If you look back at the Great Balance and you take one aspect off the scale, the others fall and cannot exist.  If you take love off the scale, free will and hate do not exist.  If you take hate off the scale, love and free will disappear too.

It is the great fault of man, to analyze and focus on one thing and take it off the scale.  When you do that the scale does not exist.  The absence of reality is trying to make sense of something that is not real.  Hate is not real if there is no love, and love is not real if there is no hate, and you need free will to express either action.  Confusion causes people to try and dissect one or the other alone.  This cannot be done.

Doubt and fear creep in and confuse the gift.  The devil works best in confusion and lies.

So if you are taking hate off the scale, and focusing solely on that, and you cannot see that without it on the Great Scale – there would be no free will, and thus no love and that is stopping you from the receive it the gift of Salvation, please know that this prayer is for you.

Dear Lord, I pray that you would lift the veil of confusion from this reader’s eyes today.  That you would for a moment reveal your power in the form of overwhelming presence right now.  Lift the veil of lies and confusion so that another soul can be saved today.  Let true love shine through as only You can do.  Please let Your light shine through and allow the Holy Spirit to do Your work.  You love so deeply and so completely.  Let the lost find their way to You.  Let us have eyes that can see, and ears that can hear.  Please let clarity come to those that I love, who are not saved.  Please let them enjoy Heaven with You.  I pray all this in your Holy name, Jesus – Lord of Lords and King of Kings, Abba Father, Amen.


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