Fear an Idol?

Fear is not an idol,

How can it be?

When it’s the only thing

That comforts me?

If I’m not scared

For just one minute

I can’t control

All that’s in it

If I don’t feel


Then I’m not controlling

Safety within

See? It works!

See me so scared

I’m ready to fight

So prepared

Fright or flight

Consumes me

It’s so safe here

Come join me

I can’t stop watching

My news feeds

I can’t turn away

This supersedes

What you’re saying

“Trust and obey”

Na, not me

I like my way

This really works

See my hair all fell out!

See premature wrinkles

Lines screaming doubt!

See my immune system

Just gave out

No exercise,

My teeth bit nails?

See my ignored children

My epic fails?

Don’t you see my fear

Works well for me

Don’t try and say

About option B

I put my faith

In media truth

I worship fear

It’s living proof

Scared people win

Look at history

No, I’m not lying,

New York Times told me!

An idol isn’t always a statue. It’s something that stands between you and God. If we are not fully trusting Him and allow yourself to let fear guide your way, you have allowed fear to be your idol.
This is an act of insanity. I charge myself and all my brothers and sisters in the Lord to let go of fear, whatever and wherever it is placed! Let it go and trust our Savior.

If His promises are not true, then I am wrong.
However – all of His promises are true, so I am right.

He commanded us 365 times in the Bible to not fear! How do we not fear? We trust Him fully! We remove the idols that stand in our way of full trust and faith – in God alone – and we pray continuously through each day. Praying is a muscle we need to exercise. We need to encourage one another to pray. Pray together with your family and friends. The more you pray the more you crave it. Write notes all over your house that remind you to pray. Refrigerator, bathroom mirror, front door, in your car, on your phone, pray, pray, pray.

I am also reminded of this fact: God will chastise and teach us when we have fallen away. Remember when Joshua and the Israelites finally got their land of milk and honey? And they were bombarded with terror from enemy attacks because one family decided to disobey God. Disobedience of the one and only thing God told them NOT to do! They took stuff from the land they were told to destroy – the one thing God told them not to do. One thing! Dang…

Which of us has allowed sin and destruction to enter into our homes. Which of us has stopped trusting the Lord of all? Which of us has allowed fear to be our idol. I am GUILTY. I did. I thought that the fear tool worked, but it didn’t. It just ruined a bunch of cool stuff. I will not fear anymore.

I will fully trust my Savior.

I will pray this prayer: When fear creeps in.


Dear Lord, please take my fear away. I give you all of my fear. Fill me with your Spirit. Please bless me with the Peace that PASSES all understanding. I know you hold my future. I know you hold the future of my country. I trust YOUR way. Your will be done in all things. In Jesus name, Amen.

You know what? Here is a fact. The only one you need.

God is in control. He has infinite and perfect wisdom. He is never confused. Because of that fact alone – rest in His arms at all times. God is alive and well and lives within the truth of Scripture. If you want to hear Him and gain His perfect wisdom, read your Bible. When we remain in Jesus we are obeying Him and He will find favor in us.

Whatever wrong in happening in this world, God is the only solution. Find comfort to know that it is way too big for our destructive hands. So let’s all pray and stop being fearful, Amen!

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