Take It Away

Take away pain

Take away sick

Take away lonely

Take away quick

Take away broke

Take away crime

Take away hungry

Take away time

Take away tears

Take away death

Take away fear

Take away breath

Take away sins

Take away regret

Take away guilt

Take away fret

Take away me

Take who I was

Take all I am

Take me because

All of my take aways

Are making me

take away Jesus


so take me to Jesus

down on my knees

humbly thankful

For what comes to be

the good and the bad

and the in-between stuff

Help me be happy

make Jesus enough

please take away

all my control

I give it to You

cause that is Your role

You know the purpose

Of all that goes on

and so I’ll be thankful

and sing this new song

Less of me

less of take

help my actions

make sin quake

let a new me

shatter, break

all the habits,

old mistakes

so repeated,

they used to give

me no desire

to fully live

please, Lord, build

a brand new me

a fresh creation

so others see

that this choice

I humbly made

has, in mercy,

and grace gave

me so much more

than my take aways

gives me peace

in chaos days

helps me praise

when scary stuff

used to adrenaline


now I respond

with “Praise You God”

and all the veiled

say I’m odd

’cause why would you praise

uncomfortable now

seems you’re strange

I don’t know how

you praise when sin

is closing in

dude, you don’t get it

we’re closer, we win

the Bible promises

that this will be

and proves it again

but you still can’t see

you still can’t hear

cause you’re sold out

to eternal death

where you’ll scream out

I wish I accepted

I wish I prayed

I wish I listened

I wish depraved

that I could tell others

that this is real

gnashing my teeth

burning due to this feel…

so yes, because Jesus

took it away

He took all my sin

and died in that way

the profoundly awesome

display of His LOVE

erased all my take aways

Praise Him above

and now in a state

of unimaginable peace

I sit and I rhyme

and my passion won’t cease

until my Father

calls me home

I’ll be here sharing

to you on your phone

and if you are scoffing

I’m praying for you

Prayers that are heard

so you’ll know that it’s true.

Take away doubt

take away lies

take away veils

from their eyes

take away deaf

take away sheep

take away followers

please always keep

taking away

the things that disguise

the sickness of sin

and all of the lies

take away confusion

Please reveal You

just one more time

I pray they get two

before You take away

their last breath

and they didn’t take away

eternal death.

denial of You

is their own take away

the tragic choice

CAN change forever today.

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