Evolution of Man, or Deevolution of Man – The Lock and the Key.

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I remember “back in the day” when I was little and I tried to steal clothes from a retail store.  That man had FULL RIGHT to prosecute me.  To detain me in his store and tell me he was calling the police.  I remember that I learned my lesson and NEVER even thought about taking another thing again in my life.  I remember when consequence was real.  When moral standards were valued.

I remember “back in the day” when marriage meant that a man and a woman would unite together and start a family.  It’s only science.  The unity of man and woman equals procreation.  It is the ONLY way.  There are no exceptions.  Yes, you can love a lamp.  You could love your dog.  Your actions between those objects are you own.  Morally and legally, that is not the business of procreation.  There should be no law under God that allows perversion.  That is science.

There is no evolution of man.  That is also science.  Argue that.  But we landed on the moon!  We have electric cars, we have cell phones!  Yeah, but look what we have done since time began, read a history book.  

How did man create the pyramids in ancient Egypt.  There is still no explanation.  With the primitive tools that were available, it is impossible to explain.  Man can create what may seem impossible.  We are in the technological age now. Getting dumber and dumber by the split second.  No brain has to think anymore.  Google does.  You don’t have to spell, think, remember, communicate, socialize, heal, cook, someone or something does that all for us now.

Evolution of man is proof that people are increasingly dumb.  We repeat the same mistakes over and over.  It is absolute insanity.  History is full of simple proof that perversion does not win.  Moral justice = death for disgusting human behavior.

Think about it – if you steal today, you have rights.  You have the right to commit crime.  You have the right to take something that does not belong to you.  You don’t have to pay for it.  You have THE RIGHT to hurt someone.  You have the right to do something that – just 20 years ago – I could have been prosecuted for.  

I am so thankful that I was born when I was.  I am so thankful that I had that sudden impact of terror that shocked me out of evil and into a world of good.  Praise you Lord for helping me.

How can any human learn from no consequence.  There must be fear of consequences in order for there to be peace. Instead, we succumb to our dumbness.

What does society use as a moral compass?  The Bible is the only answer. The age old document that includes the 10 Commandments. The Basic Instruction Book for Living Everyday. It’s words are timeless. It was written with infinite wisdom that cannot be outdated. The Bible is the only book that is ALIVE.  It can never be destroyed.  It is the LIVING WORD of God.  It can never be proven wrong, destroyed, refuted.  It is I AM.

We need to get back to a moral state of living.  I think this can only be done by Divine Intervention.  We all need a lightening bolt.  A sudden shock.  An instance in time that makes everyone so uncomfortable that we must choose the exact opposite in order to continue on.  The bridge to sin needs to break, we need to run back to the rock, the unmovable place of morality and faith.

This is the reality of where we are today:

If you don’t need your brain to think anymore, why would you use it for anything? YouTube tells you how to figure out all your problems, and kills creativity. The computer will teach and entertain your children for the entire day. You can use your navigation system to take you anywhere you need to go, no think, no problem. Just don’t think about it. Be more and more sheep-like.

Your phone thinks for you the whole day through. Society is turning to a shivering mass of complete jello. All primed and ready to bow to whatever mass ruler will say.

I discussed this with my husband yesterday, there is nothing that can be done, where can we go from here? Marriage between human and animals? Murderers have rights too? If someone was raped but they can prove they were in love, it’s not a crime? What is NEXT? What shock factor do we have left? We are so sickeningly desensitized now, we have no where to fall. When there is no where to fall, that means the end.

What shock factor are you searching for. If you are searching for something and need to overcome shock and bring it into a state of acceptance that is because you were DESIGNED to do that. The only problem is that you are doing that with things that are wrong. You are accepting sin. You are accepting corruption. You are following the wrong leader.

Remember that game when you were a kid? Follow the leader? You’d sing, “we’re following the leader, the leader, the leader, we’re following the leader, where ever they may go.” What a silly song. We still sing it today in our brain-numbing dumbness. De, dumb, de de, de de de de dumb de de….

We are constantly looking to accept and receive. I wonder why? It’s because we are constantly trying to fill a giant hole in our soul. We are incomplete.

Let’s look at life creatively, let’s pretend, like we are kids again.

We are all designed like an enormous lock. All grumpy and closed up, no purpose, sitting on a shelf collecting dust. Until the day our key is found. You are that lock, here is your story:

You tried so many keys and they didn’t work, so you tried everything else you could to unlock your purpose. Nothing has worked so far, but you still search, you can’t stop searching. There must be a key was designed for you. You think there are many keys, there can’t be just one. That is unfair and not an educated answer. You have paid enormous time and money to learn that all locks have many keys and acceptance of all keys is progressive and the ultimate achievement.

You actually find other things through life that achieve success, you were a paperweight for a bit, nothing could blow those papers away. Plus it paid great. You found a new and cutting edge way to use the locked hook you have on your top to open bottles, no one had discovered that and you became famous. But at the end of the day, your still a lock. Everyone else is a lock too.

Some locks you know have found their keys. You’re mad at them cause they tell you about their key but you won’t listen. You’re way too smart, way smarter than them. You have enormous amounts of debt from so much education. You are angry at the world of unlocked keys because their key is way too simple. The key must be success and self-achievement.

The only problem is that every time you try a key that doesn’t work, chains are added to your locked hook. You become weighted down by so many keys that are wrong. You struggle with the weight of your chains.

One day you fall in love. You find a beautiful key. That key was designed bullet-proof. That key was drop dead gorgeous. Shockingly so. You both fall in love and get married, but that key was distracted. You found out another lock hooked your key for a night. The news is devastating.

You find out that the key you married was just a lock, dressed up like a key. The lock used lies and corruption to make you think it was a key. Your whole world is just a bunch of expensive, dressed up locks. More chains start piling on your hook. You feel so heavy. You fall over.

Dust has been collecting again. You have no purpose. Your past has amounted to nothing. You had a taste of happiness, but that happiness was flawed and left you scared. You realized that what you pretended to be a great key, never really fit at all, it left you with scars. The weight of the chains has become too heavy. You search for something to numb the pain, anything.

One day, an old friend comes by, that friend has your key. You remember him telling you about it years ago. Now the key is glowing, it didn’t glow before. In your broken state, you have forgotten education, success, money, fame. You are just a broken lock.

Your friend explains how the key works. You just receive it. All the hard work was done for you. You don’t make your key. The key is free. There is nothing you can pay, you can do, you can overcome…it is the most special gift you could ever receive. It was designed by your Creator. Only He knows what key is yours. He made it for you.

I was created? You ask. “You mean, I didn’t just pop into existence randomly? I thought all locks were just made from a big noise one day and then they just kept making noises and we just all were here.”

“No, you were created.” Your friend replies. “The Great Designer created everything. He created all locks unique. Not one lock is the same. We all have keys that were designed for us too. Nothing can open your purpose but your key. You are living right now without your purpose. You have been locked up, blind and deaf. You are searching for your key, but you refuse to accept that you need it.”

Your friend offers help. “If you would like it I can help you. I can give it to you. I cannot force you to use it. You must choose to accept your key and you must accept that you are unique and loved by your Creator. That is the only way you will ever be complete.”

Now the stories intermission: Remember choose your adventure? Here is the choice. There are two outcomes to this story: Which do you choose?

  1. Fallen, no joy, no hope, no love. You lay there and ignore your friend. You choose your current state and deny anything about your key at all. You know about your key and did not receive it.


2. Fallen, no joy, no hope, no love. You accepted your friend’s offer. After reading the instruction manual with your friend, and understanding why you were made and how you were made, and the history of your Creator, you begin to feel a change inside. The friend explains how the key works and holds the key out to you. You look at the key and take it. It is heavy, yet light as a feather at the same time. You close your eyes. You are a bit scared because every other key was so wrong. They all left scars.

The key is perfect. The second you accept your key you become unlocked. Your heavy chains are gone. Everything inside you changes. You feel whole, tears pour down your face and you open your eyes.

What happens next is only for you to know. You are uniquely designed with your own key. Your purpose is your own. You and the Designer have your own story to write. You now belong to Him and like a wise Father, He is guiding you and revealing your purpose.

The overwhelming peace and joy are universal, however. You now hold keys for others, and share purpose for the rest of your life. You now understand, and are no longer blind or deaf. You see light and love and all you want is for other locks to find their key. Nothing compares to this new life, fully unlocked.

Which adventure do YOU choose? The best part about choose your own adventure is that YOU get to decide. YOU get to decide your outcome. That’s real life, not fiction. YOU get to choose. God gave us that since time began. Choice. What do you choose friend?

I have your key. I want to share it with you. What do you choose?

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