The Confused Zebras – Children’s Book – Read Aloud

Parents: It’s so important for us to raise our children with knowledge and wisdom. We must discuss consequence with them. They must grow to understand that Jesus shows us how to avoid making bad choices. If we make a mistake and choose the wrong way, we must turn back and do the right thing. We will always be forgiven for our mistakes, but choosing the right way from the very beginning is always the best.

Love the way you are made, every single part of you! God made you perfect, just the way you are. Everyone is designed carefully and unique in every way. We should never try to change how our Creator made us. Remember, just because someone else makes a bad choice, we don’t follow them. We always makes good choices that we know are right.

If someone is doing something wrong, run the other way! We must pray for them and encourage them to do the right thing. God is bigger than any problem we have and He will always help us. His answers are smarter than ours, so always trust His answer.

The Parable of the Prodigal Son

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