Oh no! NOT TEXAS!? Let me explain….

Last night we spoke to a Pastor friend who just planted a church in Austin, Texas almost a year ago. He told us he was shocked to see how many churches were CLOSED in Texas, a state that did not require the churches to close – the just willingly did.

Dustin and I – our concerns were confirmed. When all this crazy stuff started happening last year, we wanted to get out, escape California. Get away from all the crazies. But all the doors kept slamming shut. God said “NO.” We pray all the time that He would guide us, open the doors that must open and firmly shut the ones that must close. He closed moving away – firm.

I discussed my concern with moving away from our church. Our church family is on fire for the Lord, our pastor, John Randall, is such a good teacher. He dissects the Bible, verse by verse, without deviation – it’s easy to get caught up in world topics, and forget to teach the Bible these days. But, thank you Jesus, Pastor John is anointed by You, and the Holy Spirit has taken him and is using him so powerfully. I don’t want to leave our church. It is our home, our family, so strong in guiding us always towards Jesus. Praise!

Dear Lord, thank you for Pastor John. Please bless him and his sweet family. Keep him safe from the attacks of the enemy. Bless him to continue to hear YOUR voice and guide his sheep. All of us are sheep, please keep us focused on You, the GREAT SHEPHERD. In Jesus name, Amen.

California? We see revival everywhere we turn – in the most “God-less” state – what? Take something away? Human nature – ingrained in us – we want it back. Please stay strong Christians, we must keep our eyes on Jesus, on love and on sharing the Gospel. Jesus is always the answer. California, stay focused on Jesus.

We must pray for Texas. There was no persecution in Texas – no reason to defend – so they didn’t. Shame on you Texas. Don’t let yourself fall. How scary. Didn’t Jesus warn against the sleeping church in Revelation? Remind me of that verse? If you said the Letter to Sardis, then you are correct. Now that we know, we can pray, and we will be praying for you, Texas.

Praise the LORD! The most populated state in America – California – is under persecution. We are reviving again. We are marching, united in Spirit! Families are opening their Bibles, teaching their children, and loving Jesus – Hearing HIS alive voice in text! It’s Him – you hold HIM in your hands with that book. How awesome is that?

And in the same breath, Texas is right behind us in population. They need our prayers. The sleeping church must wake up. They must not take their blessings for granted. Texas needs to find passion in the Lord again. They are asleep. Wake up Texas! We love you. Please don’t fall into the same horrible mistakes that California did. Please wake up today! Lord, please allow Texans to see that they must revive themselves again. Please raise up more Godly men and women that desire you and have passion for you Jesus. Please allow revival in that State again. In Jesus’ Name Amen.

Where is your Bible? Pick it up, let’s hear His Voice right now.

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