Cold breath in

Lets it blow

Hanging thick

Forceful show

Sweat, it beads

Gleaming bright

sparkling diamonds

captured by light

Hand on hips

Incredibly strong

Trusts his legs

He belongs

road ahead

Knows where it leads

Directly ahead

Adrenaline feeds

Steam rises

Heat explodes

Through his pores

A champion roars

Shakes his hands

Let’s them rest 

puts them down 

Here’s the test

For all the days

And all the pains

And the seconds

And the strains

His feet, so sure

Faith abounds

Never touching

Just the sound

The banging drum

The pounding score

His arms exhausted

Power, yet, much more

It’s like the air 

Is blessed by God

His breath released

He is no fraud

a champion life

focused, pressed 

molded, true

passion test

Doubt, pain, lies

Couldn’t rid this man

Blood is rushing

nothing can

break the walls

in his mind

he is so different

No one can find

The magic key

to his success

they surround him still

the relentless press

They taunt

They play

The terrible things

that they say

He commands

Like he can’t hear

His faith inside

His looks, they steer 

Their taunts away

The words are empty

The crowds they roar

His faith is plenty

A deafening sound

His reward awaits

a heavenly crown

heaven’s gates

His saviour Looks

With thankful eyes

He had faith

Never wavered to lies

Mustard seed 

Moved his mountain 

He overcame, now

a champion!

Photo by Benjamin Suter on

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