Oh, Canada…FIGHT BACK!

The whole “mind your own business” thing I said when I was a kid, never felt so scary and real. I lived in Canada for 31 years, assimilated to the socialist mentality, stifled everywhere I went. Now that the gas lighting is finished and the spotlights are on you Canada, I am asking every Canadian to wake up. Fight back. Do your own research. Let this post make you angry and prove me wrong. Get facts. Think for yourself.

Socialism forces people to tell on one another like little children. Tattletailing on neighbors to the authorities. Dusting off their shoulders, loving that they working for the greater cause. Brainwashed into thinking that they are keeping ORDER.

The propaganda breakfast they eat, nom-nom, preaches fear mongering, keep my people down, and if someone does something different – tell on them. Preaches, cause they can’t go to church and all humans are born with innate desire for religion. They have substituted church for submission to government. They worship their government subsidized lifestyle.

The government has them trapped – Paychecks for everything. Work for 6 months lobster fishing, and the government will subsidize the other 6. You are “taken care of”. You don’t need to think – they think for you. If you push back – no cheques, no way to feed you or your family. They are stuck.

fear, fear, fear…cripple, cripple, cripple

Adrenaline will do that to you.

In Canada, everyone must be the same, don’t stand out in the crowd. Don’t have a different opinion. Tell me your childhood was different than that. Did your school have any spirit at all outside of a hockey game? The mentality of everyone fit in = boring, dull and dispassionate society. You’re not friendly, your futile.

Don’t know anything about government and how they are CONTROLLING you, how they are slowly taking away all your rights, creating new means of complete dominion.

Don’t stand up for yourself. Don’t defend yourself, while criminals are touting all the rights to mass murder you. Don’t defend innocent people trying to worship God – obeying the Lord’s command – while Canadian Tire and Costco can still operate at capacity. Sobeys never closed – did it?

California just sued and won – $1,350,000 – we won. We sued our horrible Governor and won because discrepancies are everywhere with this nonsense. You have to stand up for Jesus. You can’t back down.

“The Justice Centre intends to argue at this Monday, May 3 trial that Pastor Coates’ Charter rights and freedoms have been violated, and the court should therefore throw out the Public Health Act charge against Pastor Coates,” said the JCCF in a news release. “One expert witness will be called by the Justice Centre during this first part of the trial.”

Guarantee of rights and freedoms – section 1

1. Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.

The Charter protects those basic rights and freedoms of all Canadians that are considered essential to preserving Canada as a free and democratic country. It applies to all governments – federal, provincial and territorial – and includes protection of the following:

  • fundamental freedoms, democratic rights
  • the right to live and seek employment anywhere in Canada
  • legal rights (life, liberty and personal security)
  • equality rights for all
  • the official languages of Canada
  • minority language education rights
  • Canada’s multicultural heritage
  • Indigenous peoples’ rights

The rights and freedoms in the Charter are not absolute. They can be limited to protect other rights or important national values. For example, freedom of expression may be limited by laws against hate propaganda or child pornography.

Fundamental freedoms – section 2

2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:

  1. freedom of conscience and religion;
  2. freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
  3. freedom of peaceful assembly; and
  4. freedom of association.

Under section 2of the Charter, Canadians are free to follow the religion of their choice. In addition, they are guaranteed freedom of thought, belief and expression. Since the media are an important means for communicating thoughts and ideas, the Charter protects the right of the press and other media to speak out. Our right to gather and act in peaceful groups is also protected, as is our right to belong to an association like a trade union.

Who is who anymore, these armies of the enemy are set to destroy all liberties of the people.  They are obsessed with fear, with control and dominion.  You should be most afraid of giving up your rights, taking a non-FDA approved vaccine, risking your mRNA (Moderna and Pfizer).  Under the guise of a global pandemic, authorities have the POWER to do human testing and people are so willing to participate.  Researchers have NO IDEA what the outcome will be.  And yet, moms and dads are allowing their 12 year old children to take it!?!?!?

Now here are the WINNING results of suing Newsom. This established our new national precedent. Defend your Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Canadians must fight back.

Importance to Religious Liberty:

  • Religious Communities: Meeting together to worship is an important part of almost all religious or spiritual traditions worldwide. The government cannot discriminate against religious believers by violating their rights to assemble together or by subjecting them to unfair restrictions that privilege other activities over the unalienable right to worship.


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