Recall the Broken Net?

Matthew 4:19
Then He said to them, “Follow Me,
and I will make you fishers of men.”

Threw in the line

nothing caught

faithful sending

checked each knot

still the net

just isn’t catching

each attempt

is simply stretching

the patience of

each hard working man

who thought the net

would work and can

provide something

for his crew

but it’s not working

it won’t do

so a recall

sends it back

sends the net

in the original sack

this is garbage

I regret

believing that

this broken net

would do the job

you said it’d do

I’ll return

to what is true

the net I used

and my dad too

and his father before

those worked well, you

need to know

that your new way

well, I tried it out

and now I’ll pay

I’ll have to clean up

my own mess

thinking that new

wouldn’t cause much stress

but I have ruined

not just my own

but many others

who call this home

I help provide

for all them and theirs

and now they suffer

causing pain and cares

so I’m letting you know

go do something good

stop causing problems

do what you should

be productive

with your life

close up shop

stop causing strife

you’ve been recalled

by your fellow man

that’s enough

to understand

that the stuff

you were sending out

made a mess

the new ideas

caused nothing but stress

don’t have any doubt

you gotta change

you gotta improve

gotta rearrange

find a new path

figure life out

stop spreading lies

fear, sin and doubt

I’m letting you know

cause you know

and cause you know

you are expected to grow

not continue

to fall down

falling down

face on the ground

you need to accept

to believe, to repent

the time is now

remember who went

remember the cross

the wood He carried

on broken skin

His feet still tarried

to the hill

of Golgotha

spread His arms


Let people like you

who hate, who taunt

to kill his body

scoff, spit and flaunt

yet, rose again

in spite of hate

and in such splendor

gave a Gift so great

gave eternal life

to all who believe

that’s the net

my legacy received

so I’m turning back

to true success

and those new ideas

I’ll clean the mess

so I never forget

to stay grounded in Him

so I never forget

the weight of sin

I signed the letter

to recall you

I am part of the bunch

the Christian crew

and now in success

of really strong numbers

California sees

that Revival blooms wonders

that this state is RED

in spite of what they think

and we can sustain

instead of sink

the rest of the nation

looks to us!

and look what we did

we caused a fuss

make their house

of sin and stink

stop and look

and worry and shrink

we are UNITED


look around




we are UNITED

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus REPEATED

His Name is POWER

His Name Resounds


battle drums now pound

we are taking back

our land, our GOD

Just like Moses

guided the way to trod

We reject the new

broken, sinful ways

we will heal our land

and remember the days

of old that teach us

trust and obey

so that we don’t

suffer and pay

California is the drop

that created A flood

we look around

we’re clearing the mud

the swamp is drained

the gas lighting done

we see right through

the web you spun

we managed to escape

before you killed

and now we will restore

what Jesus fulfilled

we will turn to Him

and cry out, MERCY

we repent,

we see

Take our sins

please let it be

that we can save

even more

please help us God

settle the score

we are tired of sin

we are tired of gross

we are tired of silence

we ask the Holy Ghost

to guide us back

to you once more

we worship you, Jesus

and ask to restore

honest people

in true repentance

recall the sin

allow the sentence

not be death

not be dismay

not be destruction

in any way.

let us go fishing

for men, not sin

let the net we cast

now begin

to be righteous

to bring the lost

back to Jesus

no matter the cost

let us sacrifice comfort

to save all we can

we all may receive it

every last man

in spite of not deserving

Jesus paved the way

He erases sin

He is alive today!

Salvation is glory

eternal reward

and that’s what I seek

I seek you, Dear Lord.

If it’s broken, fix it. We gave him a chance. He is destroying us.

Recall Biden.

Impeachment information:

Onward Christian Soldiers

Dear Lord, We cry out to you today. Please hear the cries of your people. We are under attack. We need your help Jesus. Please unite us in submission to you. We have done wrong for too long. You turned your back on us because we fell away. We ask that you have mercy on us once again. Great Shepherd, guide us. We need you always. Please confuse the work of the enemy. Make all attempts to harm our country fail. Please confuse the words of the current ungodly government. Please rise up Christian men and women – followers of YOU to come restore our country. Please give them Your words to say. Please let them unashamed, say your NAME, there is Power in YOUR NAME. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus – LORD GOD ALMIGHTY – the ONE WHO IS AND IS TO COME. WE have our eyes focused up. We are waiting for you Jesus, let us save more in the mean time. Thank you for reminding us. Thank you for persecution. Thank you that it only works opposite of it’s attempts. Thank you for REVIVAL. We ask all this, humbly and in submission to only YOU, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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