Your Daughter’s Prayer

Mommy, Mommy, Mommy

look at me

can you see me

see, see, see, see?

Can I have

sugar each meal

and all of my unicorns

I’m sure they are real

I know I can fly

If I think long enough

and oh, look at this

My muscles, I’m tough

I won’t go to bed

at a reasonable time

And adding crayon to walls

wasn’t much of a crime

I’m vertically challenged

so help me reach things

And when I fall down

I need kisses on stings

Mommy, can I tell you something?

Are you listening close

cause I want to tell you

what means to me most

The number one things

are cuddles and hugs

and blankies I love them

but not really bugs

And stories and books

when you sit down with me

Are so much my favorite

I imagine, you read

And stuffies are great

they help me pretend

When I do a tea party

for tea sipping friends

Mommy? I need your love

I need safety always

I need right, I need wrong

Please explain them each day

Cause when I am older

and stuck in my ways

I’ll need the reminder

You’re wisdom, it stays

locked up inside

This head that you love

as I bobble around

Chasing birds up above

Mom, if you love me

you’ll help me not burn

My hand on the stove

each time I return

And press on my limits

I’ve stretched to the max

and while the last nerve

You have has been taxed

I’ll sweetly hug you

And say you’re the best

Cause you are my mommy

You passed every test

When I go off wandering

out in the street

You snatch me right up

off my innocent feet

You cuddle my head

and sniff at my hair

You tell me I smell like

Heaven’s sweet air

I love you mommy

You don’t let me down

You’re always right there

So, I made you this crown

We’ll pretend you’re the queen

and I am you’re daughter

The princess of course

and you married my father

He is the king

and my brother the prince

We live in this castle

of that I’m convinced

Mommy thank you for playing

for spending each minute

To teach me that life

is what you put in it

You work very hard

I see all that you do

and I’m right here beside

Doing things just like you

I love to help you

cause you make it a game

And each one is different

It’s never the same.

Thank you for Jesus

for loving Him so

For helping me know Him

My own love will grow

and as I get older

Each day I know more

and He will still guide me

As I step out the door

My feet will be walking

out to the street

But now I am bigger

You can’t sweep up my feet

I know now, sweet mommy,

I have safety instilled

and I’ll hug you so tightly

With my own life to build

My bedroom is unpacked

With most of my stuff

and I see you are fighting

Back tears with enough

Courage and strength

that you had every day

While you spent every moment

teaching me the right way

I’ll take all your guidance

And all of your love

I’ll go be fantastic

and still look above

I’ll pray every morning

and keep Jesus near

Don’t worry, mommy,

I’m grown now, don’t fear

See, all your hard work?

Don’t shed a tear

I love you so much

to heaven and back

And I will be fine

I have nothing to lack

I wave my hand

As we’re driving away

for as long as I see you

I’m crying, I pray

Help me be like her

Help me each day

as I dry off my tears

And go my own way

Help me do life

Just like my mommy

Confident daughter

Now a wife and now me?

Well, I’m loving a daughter

As much as you did

and I’ll do all the same stuff

I’ll fill up her lid

With all of the treasures

All the stuff that I own

Cause I love you, dear mommy

and now that I’m grown

And I have my sweet girl

And she smells like that air

That you said that I smelled like

When you sniffed up my hair

I know that you’re watching

Each thing that I do

In Heaven, you’re waiting

for me, yes, it’s true

I’m sending my love

All the way there

Thank you for love, mommy

Your daughter’s prayer.

Proverbs 23:25 – May your father and mother rejoice; may she who gave you birth be joyful!

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