Christian Mom, detox, rhyme

Time to Shed My Own Restrictions

I feel heavy

yes, I do

I feel heavy

sad but true

I feel heavy

inside, out

I am ready

to go without

I am ready

to feel light

Such restrictions

stole my might

but I am ready

to shed them off

the mental ones

scoff, scoff, scoff

such a crazy

chapter read

filled with growth

worry, dread

filled with trusting

and fighting back

But filled my tummy

with a sack

of potato chips

and donuts too

8 pounds later

I’m telling you

I am ready

for lighter days

it’s really hard

with the ways

my hips are growing

and my arms too

Stuff’s not fitting

sad, but true

I can’t afford

all new clothes

So, I need to lose

and I have chose

To start today

heathy Swank

Caring for the temple

in a week I’ll thank

All you guys

for helping me

I will start

You will see

The progress I make

I’ll post each day

The meals I eat

The scale will say

If I have been

a faithful sayer

Losing the heavy

That is my prayer

That I will succeed

and I won’t lose heart

I need to be healthy

Each day at the start

so here is the picture

of how much I weigh

to lose 8 pounds

in a healthy way


I am going to post what I ate each day and the ingredients in case you guys want to do this with me.  I need to feel better.  I have lost a ton of energy and nothing in my closet fits me so this is a must-do situation.  I am determined to be healthy.

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