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Detox is Real – How I Overcame The SICK -Day 3

How I felt sick

How gross did I get

I felt all achy

And did I let

that take away

my desire to fight

the desire for health

the choice that was right

all of the toxins

that built up inside

they’re coming out

please Jesus provide

me strength to keep fighting

when I want to stop

and gross is around me

please help me drop

down to my knees

and give it to you

I must overcome

and I can, it is true

cause you give me the strength

that I never had

to keep pushing on

when I’m feeling bad

get over the hump

that bad habits brought

and now in this sickness

I am humbly taught

that you are much better

and I am not whole

without you beside me

I won’t play your role

I won’t try to do things

alone anymore

it’s not so much better

you give, you restore

Praise you Dear Father

Praise you Dear Lord

I don’t deserve this

so great a reward

I love you so fully

Thank you so much

For all of the blessings

For Jesus, Your Son

I praise you Father

Adoni, Three-In-ONE.

Weight LossScreen Shot 2021-07-07 at 9.14.36 AM

So, What I learned from this process is that the struggle is real. Not only do I have to start new habits in healthy eating and healthy exercise, but I have to overcome the detox. I can’t even describe how gross it is. I feel achy, I have a sore throat, I feel tired all the time, I can’t wake up so early in the morning – it’s such a struggle. I knew the cause though and how to overcome it. I knew to keep pushing through and get the toxins out, if I stop, I will just have to overcome another day. Like I said, the struggle is real.

If you are feeling the same as I was, and you are ready to begin a healthy start, I recommend you start with prayer, give it all to Jesus. He will provide all you need to overcome.

I still feel groggy today, but I will keep pushing on. My muscles feel so much stronger and that is the best reward, flexing my spiritual muscles – my desire for all things Jesus in each day, my physical muscles, I feel so much stronger, and my mental muscles, overcoming the sick and pushing through.

God, you are so good, you mercy endures forever, you are an AWESOME GOD, I love you so much. I am thankful for this day that you made. I am thankful that I have the chance to witness for you again. I praise you in all things. Please use me to be a light and shine so others only see YOU. Please use me how you see fit. I love you Jesus, thank you for your Sacrifice so that I can enjoy Salvation. Thank you for being better than all things. You are my favorite. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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