Day 4 – The Ups and Downs of Life

Up and Down

In and out

Clear and Foggy

Whisper, Shout

Right and Wrong

Do and Don’t

Works or Broken

Will or Won’t

Say or Silent

Trust or Deny

Kneel or Stand

Give up or Try

Open, Close

Cooked or Raw

Type or Write

Foot or Paw

Whatever the list

brings to mind

However you’re led

makes you find

whatever the GIFT

brings to you

Make sure you’re ready

to do the great do

If you are not praying

and reading the Word

the path might be foggy

and you might not turn

down the path

you’re meant to go

be sure you’re listening

so that you know

that up and down

left and right

around and under

blind or with sight

Jesus gives us

ups and downs

and they are all tests

they lead to great crowns

it’s how you handle

the downs when they come

and well, with the ups,

will praise be from

your lips are you ready

to give it to HIM?

will you tell Jesus

in good days and grim


Is no mistake

habits forming

don’t ever wake

without thanking

God on high

for giving the lids

that cover your eyes

cover, hide

stay, abide

comfort, Jesus

ready, use us

Holy Father, we praise you

in days we feel stuck like glue

use us in that place we’re stuck

teach us while we’re feeling yuck

thank you for you’re faithful word

that we can read, your voice heard

we love you Father, three in ONE

we love you Jesus, you’re only son

WE love you in, each up and down

We love you with a smile or frown

We love you continually through each day

Please use me Father, Use me TODAY.

Today was different than the rest, when I woke up I felt heavy again. I went to the scale and sure enough, it was up again. I am humbled to know that I must persevere, the things I do have serious repercussions on my attempts to be healthy. Choices I make directly reflect my progress. I need to be more diligent and work harder. So I will. Today will be better, with no mistakes in it.

Here is my weight today. I am not going to sugar coat it cause I am not proud to be going backwards when my efforts should be steady onward.

God is good all the time, I rest in His arms when I feel defeated. Makes me fired up to work harder and accomplish my goal with more passion.

I read the book of Ruth last night – talk about commitment and love.

I recommend this devotion to everyone today. Simply read the word, allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. It’s an easy book to read that just shows us that when we listen and obey the Lord, we will have GREAT peace inside – no joke.

The peace that passes all understanding is from the Lord and that peace feels better than anything on earth can give.

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