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Life Lessons from the Swank Family: Solution to Lying.

Here’s a secret I learned very early in life that I want to share with you. The lesson was learned not from a Christian perspective but from a very powerful and commanding ego. I learned that lying was weak – one of the weakest things a human could do and no matter what, I always told the truth. Even in very difficult situations, I owed up to my mistakes immediately and to the top of the food chain, keeping eye contact and know what? It diffused the bomb every single time.

It is the best solution for every situation – no exceptions. Lying is weak.

Truth from a Christian perspective is love. We must love and be truthful at all times. It is not loving to tell someone a lie. IS sin wrong? Yes it is. Tolerance of sin is not Christian. God commands us to REPENT – do you know what that means? it means to NOT SIN and if you do sin by mistake, you ask for forgiveness. Intentionally sinning in your lifestyle – on a daily basis is not repentance of your old life, you can’t be saved from sin if you are living IN it. You can’t be saved from drowning if you keep going to the middle of the ocean. You can’t breathe oxygen if you keep holding your breath. You can’t get to your destination if you keep walking in circles. It’s not complicated, it really just simple. Don’t overthink it.

The turning away from sin (repentance) doesn’t have to be done before you accept Jesus, in fact it’s pretty much impossible to do without him, especially when it comes to addiction to sin. You have to turn your life over to a connection to the Holy Spirit. He’s your life-preserver. Your oxygen tank. Your step forward in the right direction. He is the Advil to your head-ache.

AND ANOTHER THING – being a Christian doesn’t give you the key to a perfect life. Dang. That’s the worst thing I have heard out of people’s mouths. “Yeah, well, I’m not going to be a Christian because that person I know who says they are a Christian is a horrible person and I don’t want to be like that.” Honestly, that’s the saddest thing I hear in life. You are robbing yourself from eternal life with Jesus because someone is struggling. You’re judging and pointing fingers of disapproval because of a weakness that is universal.

Salvation just means you have a place to turn to when you fall. Sin and all it’s sadness doesn’t get shut off when you accept Jesus. It will be in Heaven one day, but here on earth, it is unending. It is the fall to your knees that is necessary to achieve the existence of LOVE. You need the opposite to acknowledge the beauty of Salvation and without sin there would be no need for Salvation, Repentance, Forgiveness, Choice, Love. None of that would be necessary. It’s the great balance of life – Understood by Our Creator – but left as a mystery to us. IF God had no mystery, he would not be the Alpha and Omega, the great I AM. Let him be that, and let you be you, His child.

Sin makes you feel like crap. Christian life is not crunchy. IF you feel crunchy about something than that is not pleasing to the Lord and you had better sweep up the crumbs and tidy up your life. You will feel much better if you do. Crunchy is crappy.

Princess has been struggling with not telling the truth lately. Her face changes when she is lying. I told her my solution – no matter what – good or bad, you always tell me the truth, then you are stronger and more powerful and you will never have a face that lies again. It’s such a simple lesson, but power is better than weakness – I know my daughter, she is me but better. She craves it like I do. When you tell the truth – even when you have done wrong, you take the power of chastising away. The intent behind you – TRUTH, must always be your goal because it makes it EASIER to come to a solution.

When you lie – you dig the problem deeper, there is power in playing the conversation on the same ground. The truth takes the power from the accuser. The truth gives you the level playing field to reach a conclusion.

example A – You are approached with a question? did you do it? You immediately tell the truth = same ground.

example B – You are approached with a question? Did you do it? You lie, you feel ashamed, you know you did it, you need to quickly think of an excuse, a reason, your brain is shuffling and no matter how hard you try, it’s written all over your face. It’s weakness. You are now digging a hole and you are no longer on the same level. You are beneath, beneath means you are less than, lower, at a disadvantage from your accuser. You must never be there.

Example best: Just give in and be powerful, turn a new leaf and do the right thing in the first place how bout? that’s the best solution! Don’t do something that you may have to lie about in the first place.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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