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Why Not Me?

Think about

who, what, when

a society

more foolish than

and here you sit

surrounded by

weakness, sheep

why, why, why?

but within

this grand design

there is power

yours and mine

it doesn’t take

a queen to move

a peasant girl

motivation prove

can make a giant

awesome change

so much is broken

we must rearrange

I charge you all

it’s time to go

to do some work

it’s time to show

you’re beautiful

you’re bold

you’re strong


this is time

a new covenant

with us and who

God has sent

it’s time to

clean it up

this mess

while we’re looking up

still waiting

for you in the clouds

we are calling

among sinful crowds

still faithful

still focused

still denying

hocus pocus

earthly remedies

only last a second

but you and your healing

erase Armageddon

you promise

we will be taken

outta here

before the shaken

of the devil

and his fear

your promises

are written down in love

and so I keep my eyes

directed up above

perhaps for a moment

such as this

or a reward discovered

you didn’t miss

you kept pushing

through the crowd

you didn’t listen

when she denied so loud

you started working

in the field

and reaped reward

your faith revealed

that even for a peasant

God is good

and obedience reaps

success we should

take some advice

from God’s great Word

His voice is alive

wisdom not deferred

you don’t need a title

you don’t need a cause

you don’t need solutions

you just need my God

You don’t need a focus

you don’t need a face

you don’t need a reason

you just need to erase

all of the you within it

all that you think you are

all that holds you back

from being his shining star

the second you inject me in it

you erase his will his way

and that is just denying

the power within that day

the second we stop inserting

what we want in life

and concentrate on Jesus

erased is fear and strife

cause no matter the situation

God is great, you hear?

on the top or in the valley

we must always revere

were we there

when the globe was made round?

when the land created?

when the sea came rushing down

where we there to see

the stars hung in the sky

the vastness of the universe?

each planet perfect passing by?

were we there

when the dinosaur took it’s first step?

when the whales of the deep

rushed and jumped, did we forget?

were we there?

did we help, assist?

did he need us?

wait for this…


in spite of the majesty

he spoke a word

we came to be

and here I sit

upon this chair

typing words

in the air

and you can read

my spirit

my heart

it’s time to work

a fresh new start

there’s much to do

we must start cleaning

we must arrange

within God’s meaning

with God first

listen to Him

focus on Jesus

each day begin

use me Father

Use me today

Use me for good

That’s what I pray.

The rhyme may be off time, but those words came out like that today and it is not for me to change them. God is good all the time, and all the time – GOD IS GOOD!

There is so much to do. There are “Help Wanted” signs everywhere I look. We MUST start working. There are so many people to help. Let’s get to work America. They are looking for help, we have Jesus, let’s bring them Jesus.

I went to Costco for the first time since I found out they cancelled my membership. I approached the manager and asked this question. Is there any kind of program this company has to help the community? What if I told you a friend of mine – Marine retired and wife a special ed teacher – had their generator stolen out of their truck the other night. Is there anything you can do to help them out? I am pretty sure you sell generators.

The response was, you have to ask corporate, they are in San Diego. You fill out a form online.

Nope, that’s not what I’m asking. I want our local store to help. I want you guys – the ones who were able to be open every single day while small family run businesses WERE REQUIRED to close – Now I am asking for our local store to HELP the local community. The individuals. The people who deserve it. I don’t want to speak to the corporate office.

I spoke with 2 women, very well spoken, very powerful. One was a manager and one was a woman who worked in the membership department. Both spoke with powerful faces but with weak words. I am the lowest of the totem pole – was the response of the woman at the membership counter.

My response to her was this – isn’t that why you should then? Aren’t you the most powerful to ask? Maybe this idea is what you need to level up and rise to the occasion. Be the voice for the people. Remind corporate where and how America was formed. It was the workers that fought back. Not the elite, not the aristocracy. The laymen, the people that change mattered to.

Like Ruth – she did not back down when told to go back to her people, to a Godless nation. She did not back down when she saw people working in a field not belonging to her, with strangers. She did not back down when she was introduced to the owner of the field, a powerful man. In that culture, women were the lowest of the low. She did not back down. She loved the Lord. She obeyed HIM and HIM alone. She followed her faith not her fear. How powerful is that?

Why don’t we ask? Why don’t we sound our voices like we are following Joshua and break down the walls of Jericho. There is so much opportunity to make a change right now, and it’s while the pieces are all broken, not later, when they have all been put back in the wrong and sinful spots. We must dive in now. We have the opportunity to make a difference. We need to start working folks, they are suffering and they NEED US. Sound the Lord’s Trumpet.

Infultrate. Make demands. Make a change. Ask for MORE. BUT work harder than you have ever worked before. Throw your shoulders back and work your way up the ladder. Express the Love of Jesus inside you. Express the value of what hard work produces and do it with your eyes never wavering from JESUS. Take yourself out of the equation, when you do, you have NO limits. Does Jesus have a limit? We can witness now more than ever before. Your voice is so powerful, keep Jesus on your lips. He wants to be heard.

Will you follow your faith or your fear?

I am reading this awesome devotional. This whole series is amazing, I recommend it.

Both Esther and Ruth were beautiful. Don’t ever let society make you feel like beautiful isn’t special. God designed each person special with power in places only He has the wisdom to know. IF you are beautiful than give it to Jesus. Don’t be ashamed. Be thankful to God for it. It’s not yours, it’s His and you have to take care of all the gifts. Your beauty can open doors that are closed to others like for Esther and Ruth. Use righteously and humbly what you were given to GLORIFY God.

I love you. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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