Truth About Fat – A Discussion between Me and Sin.

here’s what I’ll say

to fat in this place

its going to kill you

if you don’t erase

the habits that got you

round in your belly

the hurting must end

while you jiggle like jelly

you have to stand up

and feel all the pain

you feel it inside

the taunts of your brain

the pain covered up

in layers of you

your hips and your knees

are screaming at you

isn’t this pain

giving you signs

can’t this be reason

to change all the times

that you run to a bag

of chips and ice cream

devouring both

in a bowl of whip cream

can’t you see

that the sick that you feel

is caused by the food

you’re consuming so real

you’re dying inside

and so is the fat

the fat tells you eat

and eat makes the fat

and fat is the lie

that you’re pretty like that

but you don’t feel pretty

cause pretty’s within

and the fact is – your dying

the lies are simply just sin

society tells you

accept all you see

accept all the sick

fat is part of that tree

the tree in the garden

that eve listened to

then waves of death

covered blue unto blue

from the sky to the sea

from left unto right

sin is surrounding

killing the light

it’s killing you slowly

and that is a fact

the habits you have

you’re feeding your kids

each bite that you take

you fill up their lids

with excuses and reasons

why you can’t and you won’t

and your pain is just oozing

and still you stay don’t

don’t ask me to play

I am resting you see

the pain it consumes me

from my head to my knees

but still with excuses

you tell me I’m wrong

that I have no clue

I wasn’t there all along

you scoff and you hate

you simply my swank

your simply dumb words

you simply can thank

I’m not going to follow

your stupid dumb page

society told me

that fat is the rage

its cozy and popular

and greatly accepted

tolerance thrives

in the mounds that I’m plated

I eat cause I hurt

you have no clue at all

you were there in the past

didn’t see my great fall

you can’t judge me princess

your words mean nothing

so I’m deleting you swankie

your website, your sting

how dare you make me think

that I might be wrong

how dare you make me think

that what I’ve done all along

what got me here

where walking is pain

where standing up

sends gasps to my brain

I like being fat

it’s easy this way

I eat what I want

and sick can just stay

and I can stress out

the medical system

it’s a money maker sister

and in case you missed em

money is worshipped

so I am so cool

I’m popular now

in the halls of my school

fat makes rich money

and I’m fitting in

size 65 now

with my blubbery grin

and so-what if my life span

is shorter and I

die really soon

that is simply just my

decision to make

I’m selfish you see

I don’t care for my kids

who love only me.

who depend and would crumble

if I wasn’t here

excuse me I’m leaving

the chips are calling now, dear.

so please get mad

and tell me I’m wrong

please get fired up

and sing a new song

please get so angry

that you need to prove

and make some great changes

that make you now move

and feel so much better

cause I promise you will

feel endorphins and happy

when you simply just fill

your day with Jesus

first and foremost

and exercise daily

and eat much-less-gross

commit to good choices

and love what’s inside

and that will destroy

what’s making you hide

dark in a corner

instead of living in light

I pray that this changes

and simply just might

give you a first step

to health and new day

because I do love you

and I continually pray

that together we work hard

for Jesus, none other

his face is reflected

friend, sister and mother

If you look at our society, we are the country that made fat so popular and accepted. Rush, Rush, Rush, fast food, calories, pre-made meals, rush, rush, rush. Fat got cozy and popular and accepted and what once was gross and advised against – is now forced to be accepted and encouraged even. It’s a global pandemic and that’s a fact. I remember what my small town in Nova Scotia was like before the McDonalds came to town. Golly, people worked, made their own meals and were pretty fit because it was a fishing village and people couldn’t help but stay fit. That went down the sewage system quickly after MICKIEDEES came round. Round is the right word…tons of people got super fat. Society changed. It was a sad sight.

In the most recent wave of man-made-mutated-flu bug, the people most vulnerable were the ones who are overweight. Fact is, if you are overweight, you are least likely to be active and exercise – get a proper lymph pump which send out white blood cells throughout your body and least likely to be able to fight sickness and disease. FACT – lymph nodes (our immune system) do not have their own pumping system like our heart provides. The white blood cells can only be released by our own movement – exercise, walking, running, jumping, strenuous activity. It’s why kids can kick the sick so effectively – they are getting a lymphatic pump all day long. Name one kid who doesn’t run everywhere they go. You’d be hard pressed to name one – I hope. Unfortunately, kids suffer from the fat disease too and that’s the saddest part to see. If you’re fat, you can’t fight the sick – whatever it is. White blood cells = immune system. If you’re sick n fat, then get fit and healthy, one step at a time!

It’s important to be in the know. To be encouraged to move, to be healthy and to stay alive for Jesus, for ourselves and for our children. Come on moms. Get moving.

Dear Lord, please help us as we go through our days to live for you – be focused on you in all things. When we focus on you instead of on ourselves we find that things start falling into place. Anything of this world is flawed, including us. But while we are all flawed, you still loved us enough to die and take all of our gross sin and forgive us. Please help us know that indulgence of any kind is a sin. It is also a sin to be subject to sloth. You command us to work hard and never give up. You command us to take care of the temple of the Holy Spirit – our bodies. You’re commands are only to care for us and to instruct us on how to live better. The book of Hebrews is all about how YOU are better, Jesus. It’s the truth. When we focus on you, we are better. In all things – good and bad through life, if we focus on you, the solution is Jesus. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, there is power in your name. I want to walk with you, talk with you and live for you all the rest of my days, it is how I can love you back. I love you because you first loved me. Your love is better. I pray that with this knowledge of love, and knowledge of the solution, that you help us stay focused and you help us squash the lies of the evil one. He is so sneaky and he tries to tell us that life is easier when we just give up and do the easy way. It’s a lie and I want live in Your Truth. I humbly ask for your help. I love you Jesus. Thank you for loving me and forgiving me when I am wrong, when I stumble and when I fail. Thank you for another day to work for you and to tell others about you. Help me to shine in your light more and more every day. Let others see You in me – only to Glorify You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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